Android users can now be smarter political consumers with Goods Unite Us

Does your wallet support your political values? Android users can now find out and join the thousands of iOS users on Goods Unite Us, a free platform that empowers people to politically mindful with their finances.

With a curated database comprised of thousands of brands and companies, Goods Unite Us allows you to you find out how corporations are using your money to fund politicians and their politics, no matter if you lean left or right. Not only can you see where your money is going, but the platform will tell you if your purchases will or will not lead to meaning campaign finance according to the ‘Good Score.” This score is calculated on a scale of -100 to +100 and is based on the total money donated to both parties as well as the percentage donated to progressive candidates and PACs. The higher the score, the more likely your purchases will lead to meaningful campaign finance reform.

“At Goods Unite Us we are trying to help consumers understand how their purchases are affecting politics and elections,” said Abigail Wuest, CEO of Goods United Us. “Our hope is to enable people to be smarter consumers and allow them to reclaim some control over their political voice by ensuring that their consumer habits don’t undermine their values.”

In this current political climate, the last thing you’d want to do is support those opposing everything you believe in. Goods Unite Us ensures that that doesn’t have to happen. Upon joining the app, it only takes minutes to find out where you currently lie in terms of your spending habits. From your bank and insurance to the stores you most frequently shop in, you’ll know who is supporting who and how to make the necessary transitions to alternatives.

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