Boomerang V2 Takes on Bike Theft: Track Your Bicycle’s Location in Real-Time

Bicycles have been a prime target of theft for years. That’s because stealing a bike can not only be done quickly, but they can be sold just as fast and for a high profit. Many bike thieves are even familiar with the top-notch bikes and parts, so they know what to look for.

If you just put over $1,000 into a bike, ensuring that it stays in your hands is worth the additional investment, don’t you think? That’s where Boomerang V2 comes in. This new nifty device adds that extra punch of extra security you need to have peace of mind when you leave your bike locked up.

Boomerang works by using the most advanced GPS and cellular tracking technology so you can stay in touch with your bike all day long. While some may consider this similar to something like Tile, the advanced GPS technology ensures that you’ll never lose touch. In fact, the device communicates with the GPS every 4 seconds. As soon as the device is tampered with, or your bike is moved, you’ll know and will be able to take the appropriate steps such as contacting the police. But, that’s not all. Boomerang keeps track of your bike’s real-time location so you or the police can track it done to its exact spot via the connected app. Imagine that look on that thief’s face!  


To add to all this, Boomerang has also included crash-detect and panic button features. So, if you ever fall off your bike, you can let your emergency contacts know instantly.

Boomerang is available for pre-sale now on Indiegogo.

Boomerang is worth every penny, but to keep your bike out of criminal minds in the first place, consider some of these tips:

  • Invest in a high-quality bike lock…or two.
  • Lock up your bike frame, not your wheel or handlebars.
  • Never leave your bike unlocked & unattended.
  • Bring your bike inside at night.
  • Register your bike online at

That last one may not prevent bike theft, but it’ll make sure your bike ends up back in your hands. Most people do not register their bikes online, so when it’s found, no one can even identify that it’s yours.

Pre-order on Indiegogo



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