How to Use IGTV for Business and Your Shopify Store

As more brands search for new ways to use IGTV for business, developing content to drive customers to their Shopify store has become an effective way to monetize the platform. Though successfully using IGTV to convert viewers to customers isn’t simple, it is possible.

Monetizing IGTV for Shopify

Created to be used without ads, IGTV may seem impossible to monetize. However, on IGTV, you can make money by promoting all the products and services you have available with your Shopify Store. According to a survey, 30% of Instagram users have purchased something from an influencer of a brand that they’ve first seen on Instagram. In order to take advantage of this feature be sure to do the following things:

  1. Use IGTV for Business to Share Ongoing Offers

Brands and influencers with merchandise can use IGTV as another way to promote these products. With these long-form videos on IGTV, you can provide viewers with important information about your products. By regularly promoting new arrivals to your store, a limited time offer or simply reminding viewers of what you have available on your Shopify store. By doing so, you’ll encourage people to visit your shop more frequently!

Whether you openly discuss your products or simply include them as part of your video content, your viewers will see that they have the opportunity to purchase from you. As your followers tune into your IGTV videos, you can encourage them to follow the link in the description to your Shopify store.  

  1. Convert Engaged Supporters to Customers

To make the most of IGTV, you need engaged followers. If you have a strong following of people that are actively tuning into your content, you’ll likely be able to convert these followers into customers. With merchandise like apparel, home goods or anything else that falls within your niche, you’ll find that your followers are excited to support you. Use IGTV to speak directly to your followers about your new line of merchandise or create a “mini-series” of creative content that showcases your products with a link to them in the description.

  1. Share Client Testimonials with IGTV

Take advantage of being able to post longer videos by detailing customers’ experiences with your brand’s products or services. These videos can include clips of clients reviewing your brand or you reading client stories and expanding upon what each review is in reference to.

  1. Demonstrate How to Use Your Merchandise in Real Time

Brands that offer products can do a how-to or DIY video explaining how people can use the brand’s products. Alternatively, when demonstrating how to use a particular service, brands should consider a real-time explanation that shows users how to take advantage of their services.

As brands and influencers are just starting to use IGTV for business, these three strategies are just a few of the ways brands and influencers can utilize IGTV for e-commerce purposes. With consistent use and continued innovation, you’ll be able to refine your methods for using IGTV for your Shopify store.

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