League of Legends Popular Game Modes Revealed by Developer

Riot Games, the developer of League of Legends has revealed the most popular game modes for its fans across South Korea, North America, and Brazil. In a developer post shared yesterday, League of Legends design director Andrei Van Roon shared a bar graph that details the total time spent in early September across 10 playlists.

In South Korea, solo or duo ranked matches in Summoner’s Rift has turned out to be the most popular mode with nearly half of the total gaming hours spent on it. In the case of Brazil and North Korea, Summoners Rift Normals have turned out to be the most popular mode for the month of September. The two regions differ by only a small percentage point with Brazil leading over North America. Since the players in South Korea have spent more time in solo/duo matches in Summoner’s Rift, Normals mode lacks game time in the country.

The South Korean gamers also seem to be not interested with Twisted Treeline game modes, whether it is co-op, vs AI or Normals. Gamers in North Korea preferred the Twisted Treeline mode in Normals, while it is neck to neck with Brazil in co-op and vs AI modes.

All Random All Mid which is also known by the acronym ARAM has turned out to be the third most popular game mode behind Summoner’s Rift ranked and Normals. Gamers in South Korea and Noth America have spent similar hours in the ARAM mode while the gamers in Brazil have spent more time on Summoner’s Rift ranked and Normals.

Another aspect pointed out by van Roon is that North American gamers have spent less time in Summoner’s Rift Flex than the other two modes while they were a big fan of Nexus Blitz game mode. He further said that since Brazil is relatively new to League of Legends, their players have spent more time in Normals and co-op mode than ARAM.

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