Simplesat is the Easiest Tool for Collecting CSAT Data

While you may have a great product or service, customer satisfaction will make or break your brand. The overall experience you give your customers matters and that’s why it’s crucial to consistently collect data to determine what you can be doing better. But what is the best way to go about collecting it without pushing away your current and potential customers? One startup may have the answer.

Simplesat makes fun, intuitive, and engaging surveys that are easy to implement so businesses can get the feedback and insights they need to succeed. We spoke with Cory Brown, Co-founder and CEO, to learn more.

Q: What’s wrong with current customer service interactions today?

Two things:   

First, too many organizations are missing opportunities to get real, meaningful and insightful feedback. In some cases you want to ask at ‘the decisive moment’ when the experience is fresh and top of mind. It’s a snapshot. Other times you want to ask in intervals irrespective of specific transactions to get an overall feeling about the relationship. Someone might really love your service, but might want to tell you you screwed-up on your last order or support ticket. Conversely, they might give you good marks on service requests, but their overall feeling is that you’re over-priced and lacking in value. You want a holistic view of of your customer experiences and relationships.

Secondly, the user experience basics. The request for feedback needs to be engaging, easy and clear. Ask for for something small and quick, make it lively, and give an opportunity to either wrap it up, or give more feedback. Don’t have an email link drop someone on an ugly, long survey form. You’re just asking for higher bounce rates. You can’t take meaningful action on limited data sets. In particular for smaller organizations it’s critical to work towards higher response rates, so the analytics are telling a clear and accurate story. Customers are doing you a favor giving feedback, make it easy for them.


Q: What makes Simplesat surveys more engaging to customers?

The first question of a Simplesat survey is asked directly in an email, rather than a button to “please take a few minutes to answer our survey.” Once they click, a web page opens up for the user to move on to question #2, and so on.

In addition, all the subsequent landing and survey pages are designed to be inviting and clear with a step-by-step approach to collecting additional information. Users can stop answering questions at anytime (while everything already answered is captured). They are in control – one click or more.

Q: How else do you stand out from competitors?

We focus on the entire satisfaction solution: 1. Effective Surveys; 2. Analytics & Reporting; 3. Publishing & Review Collection.

Only Simplesat covers all three critical aspects of the process. This is more than the sum being greater than the parts. To be effective that’s really the only way that a customer satisfaction engine can work. Organizations have too many point solutions, that rarely integrate with each other. With Simplesat it all comes together.


Q: Who would benefit most from utilizing Simplesat?

While any organization interacting with the public or customers can use systems to improve customer satisfaction, Simplesat is focused on those organizations that engage with their customers through some type of service desk, email or transactional system that provides an opportunity for integration into existing processes.

The most common industries our users fall into are IT Services, eCommerce and SaaS companies.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

We’re committed to continue building out our whole satisfaction solution. The mission is to ask the right questions at the right time to capture meaningful feedback. This means providing different channels, metrics, question types, and delivery methods for each situation.

We’re working on lowering the barrier for smaller sizes businesses to start collecting customer satisfaction. This isn’t something only enterprise companies should be doing.

Q: Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Simplesat came out of a service business that has a deep focus on customer satisfaction. Over the years we’ve used a number of systems and suffered from low response rates, lack of integrations, absence of a holistic view of what was happening and a way to share things. We built Simplesat to solve these real world problems, in a very real world service organization – with over a thousand clients who themselves are services businesses. This is something we not only have a lot of passion about, but many years of experience as well.  

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