How to Create a Social Media Calendar (Tips & Tricks)

Social media today helps people to run a lot of businesses. In fact, social media has become an integral part in terms of reaching out to the customer base of a business. But just having a social media handle or a page is not enough. For connecting better with your audience, you need to be aware about the latest trends among the public. Take the example of a bakery who should be aware of something called ‘World Chocolate Day’.

The mentioned example fits quite well on the present narrative, where in order to connect well with the audience, you need to be aware about the latest trends. Below, we have discussed as to how a social media calendar can be helpful for you to be in touch with the narrative and positively exploit it-

Why Use a Social Media Calendar

Research shows that 92% marketers of content use a social media calendar to market their content to everyone. There are many dates which barely anyone is aware about. You don’t want to miss any chance to market yourself. These calendars work as great tools with which you can schedule future posts about a specific date.

These calendars not only help you in scheduling posts, but also in giving a great mix to your online posts. Not only that, this tool is a big time saver, as you won’t have to be on the prowl for knowing important dates, and you can schedule future posts. This calendar also promotes innovating with content, as you will be generating a lot of new and fresh content for your handle.

Also, having such a well managed record of your online posts will help you in finding out as to what posts your audience likes. If you are looking to boost your social media posts then you can look at platforms which provides automatic instagram likes.

Creating Your Social Media Calendar

Below is a guide on creating your social media calendar-

  • Analyze Your Handles and Content

First of all, make a detailed analysis of all your social media handles and pages. Check as to which platforms you’re active on, your frequency of posts, your reach among other things. Also, do the same with your content. Check if your content is relevant or outdated, check your competitors’ pages among doing other things.

  • Analyze Your Audience on Every Platform

Every platform of social media is different, even in terms of the audience which is present on each one of them. Your content must be such that your audience on each and every platform must get content which is specially made for them and them only.

  • Determining Frequency of Posting and Content Ratio

Make a detailed plan as to how frequently you are going to post on each and every social media platform. Don’t forget to make a different plan for every platform. Also, make sure to determine your content ratio. That means making a ratio of the content on the basis of the images, videos, links or any other thing you plan to post.

  • List All Your Needs

For making the most of your social media handles, you need to approach it properly. For that, you must first make a list of the content which you want to post on your social media handles, and while doing that, you must also include in the list the things you need to make that post. Ex-links, images or any videos which you might need for that particular post.

  • Putting in Content

This is the most important, and the most interesting part of making a social media calendar. For filling the calendar, make sure that you assign the tasks to everyone carefully. Distinction must be made between people who are going to fill in your lists, and those who are going to post or schedule your posts. The zest is that everything must be organized.

  • Make Prior Scheduling for Content

Now that everything has been planned and all your strategies have been made, the only thing which is left for you to do is complete your future posts and put them in the schedule of your social media handle or page.

Do not be that person who makes their posts at the last moments, and then spends unnecessary time on posting things again and again on the same day. You’ll destroy the utility of the whole social media calendar this way.


Now that you have learnt about how to create a social media calendar, it is s must that you use it wisely. It is important that everything that you inculcate in your social media calendar is planned in such a way that it serves to your long term needs. People while creating such a calendar forget as to how dynamic social media is and they end up creating redundant posts. What you should remember is that trying and experimenting with your posts is important, and you must inculcate this habit in your social media calendar too.

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