One Plus 7 To Shed Notch Out of the Design

Notch is something that has divided the One Plus fan followings into two parts after the company decided to take iPhone inspired notch into One Plus 6. Some of us love to have the notch and some of us don’t like it, it’s a fact.

One Plus is popular because of its premium features and builds that have renamed the brand as a “flagship killer”. Nowadays many devices come with an option to get an optional notch which can easily be activated and deactivated with a simple touch in the display settings. One Plus finally comes to a bold decision to shed the notch out of the design.

You heard it right, on the upcoming One Plus device, there’ll be no notch absolutely. One Plus 6T opted something different once it received a lot of criticisms from the users. On One Plus 6T, it went for a dewdrop notch which was far better than wide cut notch featured on One Plus 6 at least.

For the fans, One Plus has something special like every year. Though we have a leaked image of the upcoming One Plus sensation, people around us are still confused about whether to believe it or not.

What do you think? Just shedding out the notch will make it more grabbable? Well, though it got Snapdragon 855 5G supported chipset under the hood, getting the optimum 5G experience is still out of our hands because we don’t have 5G access in many areas.

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