What to look Before Buying a Digital Meat Thermometer?

Digital Meat thermometers are essential instruments in the kitchen for the blow two reasons.

To prevent food poisoning: Meat, if under cooked is very dangerous to your body. It contains bacteria like Campylobacter, Salmonella, E.coli, and Listeria which cause food poisoning. This is very dangerous especially to pregnant women, people having compromised immune system.

To cook perfectly: To cook meat perfectly without any flaws, it is important to consider a digital thermometer.

In this article, let us know the things to consider before buying digital meat thermometer. Below are the factors to consider:

Accuracy: Digital meat thermometers need to be accurate to measure how well the meat is cooked. Most of the thermometers now available in the market are accurate. However, there might be a few which are not quite accurate. The least being 2 Degrees Celsius. While this may not affect our bodies much, but we need to be careful and select a thermometer that is accurate.

Batteries: Some of the digital meat thermometers work with button cell batteries. Young children tend to play with these batteries and even swallow them. This is very dangerous. The voluntary Safety code for button batteries specifies that these batteries shouldn’t be accessed by young children. So, before buying thermometer, ensure that the button batteries are well away from young children.

Types of Thermometers: There are few different types of digital meat thermometers. Let us see each of them and you can buy them based on your requirement.

Instant Read: Instant read meat thermometers come as digital or analogue. Instant reads are cheaper than digital probes. This performs well. However, every time when you check the temperature, you need to take it out of oven and test the meat. This will slower your cooking.

Digital Probe: Digital probe thermometers are handy and you need to insert the probe in the meat and can check the temperature on a digital screen outside the oven. This significantly helps to continuously monitor. However, these type of thermometers are costly.

Digital Smart Thermometer:These thermometers can work even if you are not present in the kitchen. It typically can be connected to your smart phone through Bluetooth. These are very costly.

Ovenproof: These type of thermometers are handy to use and you don’t need to open the oven each time you check the temperature. You can check it from outside.

Ease of Use: Digital meat thermometers need to be very easy to use. You should select a thermometer which is easy to see the temperature. These should be easy to insert. As, if you take time for inserting, your cooking gets delayed. Also, select a thermometer that is easy to clean as it needs to be cleaned each time when used.

These are some of the factors to be considered while buying a digital meat thermometer.

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