PUBG 0.12.0 Update To Being Self Exploding Zombie, Be aware!

PUBG is bringing self exploding zombie in the arena and the zombie map is getting interesting. PUBG has officially has given an update in its Twitter handle questioning whether we should kill the zombie or not because once it’s exploded, it will give a similar damage that we absorb during a grenade attack. PUBG is updating the game and this time it’s bringing some amazing updates like python and bison in the wild area so till now we had to manage the opponent but this time we need to take care the wild animals as well and these animals are not friendly at all, you have to give damage and kill those if you want to survive.

A few changes in the weapon lab may give you a goose bump, rocket propelled grenades are coming along with some other weapons like bison rifles, with the RPGs you can destroy a running car or jeep easily and it will not damage the car only but also it will kill the passengers onboard. So if you have it, it will protect you from an incoming car from hitting you hard which eventually knocks a person.

But the self exploding zombie is something you can’t keep your eyes off. It will keep hitting you but you need to either run from it or need to hit while keeping a safe distance. So it’s your decision whether to kill a fat ass zombie while you encounter with one or you will simple outrun it by running and then shot from a safe distance! Happy playing!

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