Mozilla Launched A New Android Version For Fast and Safe Browsing

Mozilla has launched a new version for all Android users. According to the company it has been targeting a safe environment for all the users of this browser. Worldwide, more than 200 million people use Mozilla Firefox and many of them have set it as a default browser on their respective devices.

A few months ago, Mozilla announced that it would bring a new version of the browser which will push privacy of the users to some extreme extents. Right now many people get frightened to exchange anything online due to many fraudsters.

Sometimes, hackers push some downloadable files which will actually help them stealing your data and mobile activities. Due to that, people often feel risk while transacting online using their bank credentials. In India, it has been a primary concern as the mass penetration of internet is growing leaps and bounds, especially after the JIO revolution!

Mozilla has worked on this new version a lot and has made it more users friendly and secure, even if a page got hacked online, it will block all download and javascript from loading thus it will save you from getting hacked by the hackers. It’s a privacy-focused browser after all.

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