Nokia 3.1 A, Nokia 3.1 C Launched, Check Features

Nokia’s parent company HMD Global has already launched two new Nokia phones for the US market. The first one is the Nokia 3.1 A and the other one is the Nokia3.1 C. Nokia has redesigned the whole surface design and did many polishing on the software front. As of now, these two devices don’t look like a refurbished product so far but as per the concept of HMD’s marketing strategy, it may introduce these two devices in other countries with different names.

Nokia 3.1 A, Nokia 3.1 C price- How much these will cost you?

By 10th June, Nokia 3.1 can be brought from some selected Walmart stores where you can choose any of the two dark shades. HMD may not reveal any other color for the users. It’s testing the devices in the US market. Once Nokia used to rule the US market but right now it has one of the lowest market shares in terms of the unit of sale.

Features of the Devices

If we don’t emphasize on the brand name, both the devices look almost similar. Both the devices sport a 5.45  inches IPS display with HD+ resolution. The aspect ratio is also damn good, it’s 18:9.

Both the new cell phones, Nokia 3.1 An and Nokia 3.1 C, aside from their names, are absolutely indistinguishable from one another as far as everything. HMD Global in an announcement revealed both the cell phones sport a 5.45-inch IPS show that has an HD+ resolution and accompanies a perspective proportion of 18:9.

It has so many features like adaptive brightness and adaptive battery through its AI-powered processor. Apart from that it got a 8 MP selfie camera and a 32 GB flash storage accompany the whole unit for storing purpose.

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