Harmony OS aka Hongmeng OS is the last stage of development

Huawei has taken the step of developing its own operating system, you better can say an alternative of Android a long time ago when it was ditched by the US policymakers and many US companies had blocked every kind of business with the Chinese smartphone giant over a controversy of users’ privacy but in last few weeks after the meeting with the Mr. President the situation of technical choking over software and hardware both are being normalized slowly and Android again agreed to provide full support to all Huawei smartphone like before. In order to tackle this kind of situation, it sensed that Huawei needs a standalone operating system which can be operated independently without any help of Google’s Android.

Thus it started developing its own operating system aka Hongmeng OS. A few days before during a test run it got proved that the new Huawei OS is actually 60% faster than the latest Android version and that test result pushes the company to develop a final product and to launch its own operating system.

Nowadays we are getting various inputs regarding the features of this new upcoming Android alternative. The OS will be renamed as Harmony OS and Huawei may sell its license to other manufacturers if they want to use the OS on their devices. Huawei has sent invites to all the developers of Android to make an app for their app store as well. The basic language used here is Java and some other like Angular, JS, etc. Stay tuned for more information about this exciting OS. It has already registered the name Harmony OS in different regions of the globe.

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