Black Technology Company Ushers Black Businesses into the 22nd Century

A new Black technology company will usher Black businesses into the 22nd Century through a web-based platform that markets only high-quality Black businesses through  The primary function of the website is to provide a unique way for consumers to locate and access the highest quality Black businesses within a certain proximity in 30 seconds or less, but its overall mission is to ensure that these businesses receive its fair share of the advertising space of television commercials, billboards, print advertisements, and online ads.

Black Technology Company

Even in this technology age, research has shown that 100,000s of Black business owners still rely on antiquated ways to promote their businesses like requesting that people share their business posting on social media platforms, leaving flyers in local neighborhood businesses, or by asking their local churches to let them make announcements about their services.  However, The Nubian Network’s strategy is to use group economics to provide high-level marketing opportunities equal to corporate America. One such strategy is to consume at least 50% of the ad space on specific television stations (i.e. BET, TV One, OWN and Centric) in targeted regions whose primary audiences are Black consumers, who have the greatest motivation to support Black businesses. Based on even the lowest projections, if  businesses joined forces through The Nubian Network’s marketing program, a vast majority of these business owners would receive exposure unlike anything that they could if they did it alone and could vastly improve their current exposure and more than double their annual income, as massive marketing is scheduled to start even before the end of 2019.

The Nubian Network is in its recruitment phase, so all high-quality businesses have a chance to join and take advantage of this opportunity.  The more businesses who participate, the larger the marketing projects that can be done. Business owners can find out how to participate by visiting

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