Home Surveillance Cameras – Where and How to Hide Them

Whenever you’re trying to implement some kind of home security system, regardless of how basic or complicated it is, you will have home surveillance cameras at the core. Some may be more expensive, some may be cheaper, and they often vary in quality.

What they all have in common, regardless of the type and exact model, is that they should all be cleverly installed in order for them to have maximum effect. However, many homeowners don’t really have a good idea of where and how to install them, and thus put them in places that don’t make too much sense.

With that in mind, what are some things you should keep in mind when you’re installing home surveillance cameras?

First of all, do you hide them at all, or do you leave them exposed?

This is a question you’ll need to decide on before you get the cameras. Opinions on it are fairly divided because both options do have some excellent arguments rooting for them.

On one hand, you can leave the cameras completely exposed. Whether it’s an experienced thief or someone who has no idea what they’re doing, chances are they will be spooked by the camera, and they’ll stay well clear of your home. However, this may have the opposite effect. If a thief does see your cameras and knows exactly where they are, this can help them quite a bit when it comes to avoiding said cameras.

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On the other hand, you can hide the cameras in several ways (more on that below). If something does happen, chances are that the thief, regardless of how good they are, will be caught on one of the cameras, and the police will have a field trip when capturing them. This can also have the opposite effect. If a thief is casing your home, and he doesn’t notice any of the security cameras, they may think that there aren’t any. This may somewhat encourage them to break in your home, and you’ve got yourself a problem.


You decided you’ll hide them. How do you do so?

The first and easiest way to hide surveillance cameras is to disguise them as household objects. Whether you get cameras that are meant to look like something else, or you get a decorative cover of some kind, this is actually a really neat trick. There are cameras out there that look like alarm clocks, books, and those plush toys that you would buy your kid for their birthday. Unless someone knows exactly what they’re looking for, they’re impossible to see. However, note that this usually only applies to indoor cameras – outdoor ones are a bit trickier in this regard.

For outside cameras, the first step towards hiding them is dealing with the cables. Yes, a wireless camera is an option here. However, it will require you to charge the batteries, and oftentimes to even swap out memory cards on the regular if you don’t have loop recording. On the other hand, wired cameras come with two cables. One provides power, and the other one sends the video feed inside your house. If you’re buying these on a finished home, hiding those cables can be tricky. With an unfinished home, you can just guide them through the walls.

Last but not least, here’s another great tip for outdoor cameras – use your garden. When a thief is casing your home, if they intend on breaking through the door, chances are they’ll completely check out the door’s surroundings, as well as the walls and ceilings on and around the porch. That being said, what if you hide your camera in one of those plants you have all over your porch? This allows you to choose between a wired and wireless camera, you can easily hide cables since everything is out of sight. If you do this, though, make sure you don’t have a single plant on your porch – that can be an easy giveaway that the plant has more than just a simple decorative function. Maybe add a few more plants? 

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