5 Things You Didn’t Know, You Could Do Online

The internet is an impressive search tool that gives people the ability to do almost anything: watch videos, stream music, post photos, plan vacations, conduct research, and shop online. From amusement and fun distraction, to practical and informative, there really is no limit to what the internet holds. Here are five useful things you didn’t know you could do online. 

Buy a house

Buying a house is a big decision. Finding the perfect property takes a lot of time spent searching and viewing. Nowadays, there are countless real estate websites that allow buyers to view available properties online. They can view photos, housing specs, neighborhood information, comparable property values, and tax information. Instead of spending the weekends going to open houses, find the most favorable listings online then arrange to see them. Properties can be bought, sold, and rented online with the help of local real estate professionals. 

Contract a Service

The internet makes it possible to buy almost anything online. Gone are the days of thumbing through the phone book looking for service providers like insurance companies, internet providers, or handymen. Simply search for a service, and compare the results. Contracting services online takes away the pushy sales element of shopping for options. Find the right fit for the right price and buy with a click from the comforts of home. Chat online with virtual agents to ask questions and find exactly what’s needed. 

Need to find affordable individual health insurance? Health Pocket is a free information site that helps people find health insurance. Easily find the highest quality and most economical Affordable Care Act insurance plans in the area and get answers to any healthcare-related questions. 

Google Yourself 

Ever wonder what results will appear when Googling one’s name? People do vanity searches on themselves every day to see what the public can find. With as much information and personal data the internet collects, it’s a smart idea to do a search of oneself on a monthly basis. Most web traffic only views the first page of search results. However, go through the first five pages of results in order to get a full picture of what information is out there. 

Finding out what public information is online prevents unsavory surprises. Knowing what negative results exist allows the chance for damage control. Remember, vanity searches pull up any and all information that is available to the public. An online reputation can be found by hiring managers, employers, and business associates. Take the time to make sure a positive reputation is on display.  

Go beyond Googling someone and use a 100% free people finder to learn almost anything about a person. Go Look Up is a free online information site that gives users access to a vast database that can run background checks, pull criminal records, find phone numbers, look up addresses, and more. 

Learn a Language 

There are many things that can be learned online. Take the challenge of learning a language through a free online platform. Language websites have options for all learning levels, from beginner and introductory to fluent and conversational. Online language sites use comprehensive tools to teach the fundamentals of language, like grammar games, pronunciation help, and conversation exchanges. 

Earn a Degree 

Earn an accredited online bachelor’s degree from home. Many colleges and universities offer online programs that give students access to online lectures and resources and virtually interact with professors and students. This is a great option for people with busy lives who need flexibility to complete higher education. Some programs allow students to transfer credits, saving both time and money to complete a degree. 

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