7 Apps that Can Help you Save Energy

As energy becomes scarcer, it will become more and more expensive. We all need to live more sustainably, not just because it is good for the planet but because it will help use save money on the bills that everyone hates. Modernity has led to unsustainable habits, but it also has led to innovative technologies that can help us cut back on our energy use and live within our means. There are many options for applications that can facilitate this, but here are seven that you should know about.

Green Outlet

This cheap app is recommended by eco-focused websites can be downloaded on iTunes. Green Outlet enables you to understand which of your home appliances consume the most energy by taking in personal inputs. With the information, it calculates your average monthly energy consumption costs and provides the tools you need to make changes.

Energy Consumption Analyzer

The Energy Consumption Analyzer app calculates the average rate of energy consumption for your home or business. Using an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis, graphs are displayed to detail the entire history of your power consumptions. You can even highlight high periods with color coding and use annotations for future reference.

Smart Thermostats

A great way to conserve energy is to use a smart thermostat. These systems enable you to control your thermostat remotely from wherever you are. All you have to do is access the app with the internet and change the temperature of the entire property or specific rooms. Another great feature of smart thermostats is that they also have machine learning capabilities that can understand your routine, schedule, and lifestyle over time. They can also use weather patterns to change the temperature of the home or business.


CodeGreen is an app that compares the energy efficiency of various buildings in a specific area. According to the site MoneyPug, which is used for gas and electric comparison, this free application helps real estate investors and homeowners compare different building’s efficiency. It’s simple, all you have to do is enter the address and the app displays the building’s energy use score.

Light Bulb Finder

The Light bulb finder is used to gather information about the light bulbs in your home. This free app is designed for both Android and iOS and can suggest energy-efficient alternatives. For example, LED light bulbs can be up to 90 percent more energy efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs. Lighting takes up a hug portion of our energy costs and not only are LEDs much cheaper than traditional bulbs they are much cheaper. These lights will pay for themselves in a matter of months. This app finds the best low-cost and environmentally friendly light bulbs and suggests them to you.


TED, or The Energy Detective, is one of the most comprehensive electricity monitors on the planet. This device is installed directly into the break panel in order to communicate over the existing power lines. It delivers accurate data in helpful readings that stay within one percent accuracy.


The app EnergySaver takes electricity, water, and natural gas usage and converges them into detailed reports. EnergySaver allows you to create individual profiles for different times of the year to help you visualize how you are spending and using energy through the seasons. You can even add appliances and the app will predict how much it will cost you to use it. The creators of EnergySaver say that it can also identity phantom loads with suggestions on how to lower them. Get the app on iOS and Android.

Above are seven apps that can help you save energy in your home or at your business, but these are just the beginning. There are more that you can find and more that will be hitting your app store in the coming years. The point is, you shouldn’t be struggling to pay for energy cost or using more energy than you should. Take control of your energy expenses and you will be doing the right thing—saving money while doing your part to live within your means and working towards a more sustainable planet.

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