Best Lawn Mower : Buyers Guide

A lawn mower is one of the most required engine run tools that could help any user keep their garden neat and tidy. A lawn mower comes with more than a dozen advantages, however, the greatest advantage of a lawn mower is that it could help anyone cut the grass or shape your lawn into a smooth and beautiful looking lawn.

Today, the technology being so advanced compared to what was available 10-years back, we have more than a 1000 models of lawn mowers available on the market. It could be from the same brand or from a different brand with unique features. Here are some factors that could help you purchase the best lawn mower.

  1. Types of lawn mower – Lawn mowers come in different types, electric, battery operated, and petrol powered. Selecting a type of lawn mower should be based on the size of your lawn, if the lawn you seek to mow is too big and away from a power socket, then it is best recommended that you avoid purchasing an electric or a cordless battery drove lawn mower. On the other hand, you could use a gasoline/petrol powered mower as it could be refilled when the fuel is done. A small lawn could be mowed with an electric lawn mower, but if you do not want those annoying power cords lying around, then consider purchasing cordless lawn mowers.
  2. Size– A lawn mower could come in different sizes, it could be compact in size and it could be large. It could be round or cylindrical, each size and shape has a great role to play in the efficiency and type of cutting that a lawn mower could deliver
  3. Cut height – Lawn mowers are used to mow the lawn with ease, different users prefer the lawn to be mowed in a different way, they would prefer their lawn to have grass with medium height, and some might demand very small height. This is why different lawn mowers could mow the lawn at different heights. Some lawn mowers come with a feature that allows the user to mow the law at variable height. If you are such a person, check the product specification before purchase and make sure the product you purchase has a variable mowing or cutting height feature
  4. Disposal of residue – This is where most of the people are confused, there are different types of residue disposal in a lawn mower. Some could spew the residue to the sides and some machines could collect the residue in a bag or a drum incorporated into it. Both the types of residue disposal are in demand, to my point of view, I recommend that you purchase a device that would spew the residue to the sides as the residue could decay and it could prove useful for the better growth of the grass. On the other hand, if you do not like the residues spread all over your lawn after mowing, then you could consider buying a device that could collect the residue and you could dispose off the residue according to your preference.


Apart from these factors price, types of cutting are two factors to be considered, however, it is more of a personal choice. However, remember not to go for cheap self propelled lawn mowers and generic brands. There is a lot between brand and price, best brands markets product at a comparatively higher price, but the quality would never be compromised.

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