What are NFC Cards and How Can They Improve Your Organisation?

NFC cards (also known as Near Field Communication cards) are a form of smart card which allow you to transfer high-value information from one device to another. They are usually fitted with a microchip which stores data for identification and authorisation processes. The most common example of an NFC card would be a debit or credit card, which authorise money transactions from your bank when you’re shopping.

NFC Cards
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Nowadays, cards have transitioned from chip-and-pin or swipe authorisations to contactless vending. They’re more advanced and efficient than ever before, making them the perfect tool for organisations who want to optimise their operations. Here’s how implementing an NFC card system can improve your business:

Increased Security

NFC cards carry data for identification and authentication. This means they can be integrated with an access system, so no unauthorised personnel can enter your business premises if they don’t have an NFC card assigned to them. If your organisation deals with high-value goods or information, this is of paramount importance. In addition to this, NFC cards can track who has accessed a facility and at what time. This is a preventive measure against employee theft because the culprit can be identified immediately. You also won’t have to resort to invasive security proceedings which can lead to discomfort and distrust amongst your employees. So, protect your staff, stock and customers with an NFC card system.

Improved Efficiency

One of the main advantages of NFC cards is how efficient they make everything. Instead of spending ages trying to gain access to certain files or facilities, your staff can simply use their NFC card to provide the two-factor authorisation they need for admittance. This massively speeds up the rate at which things are being done. What’s more, if you’re running an organisation like a leisure centre or university, you can provide your members with an NFC card. This means they can swiftly enter the premises, whilst still maintaining a level of security. NFC cards may also be used to track when your employees have clocked into work, so you can keep track of who is consistently late and address this issue with them. With this measure in place, your organisation can be more productive than ever before.

Varied Usage

NFC cards communicate different information to different pieces of technology, meaning they can be used for multiple purposes across an organisation. One classic example is how can be integrated into printing systems i.e. employees can be assigned print credits and have the authorisation to print with their assigned NFC card. They’re also great if you want to integrate cashless vending into your business for staff cafeterias and so on. Have a look at https://www.idcardsdirect.co.uk/ to explore the wide selection available and discover how you could revolutionise your organisation with an NFC card system.

NFC cards are an exciting form of technology with limitless advantages and possibilities. Investigate a supplier today and find the perfect smart card system to optimise productivity in your organisation.

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