purMe to Launch Everyday Wear Gas Masks that Protect Against Air Pollution

The idea of purME is designed to protect against air pollution and other harmful particles.

Since none of the existing designs can provide the protection, comfort and convenience they demanded, purMETeam decided to make one for themselves. After months of work, they have finalized the design and put it into test.

purME features many designs from full-size respirators, while retaining the small size and weight of pollution masks. Its surface is LFGB-certified food grade silicone, with excellent seal and comfortability while blocking out all droplets. The filters are certified for KN95 protection for 50 using hours, with option to upgrade into P100. Valves are integrated for one-way airflow, so heat and humidity will release every time you exhale. All parts are machine-washable and will last for years. Nothing on the market rivals purME in convenience and protection.


Through this campaign, purME wish to raise concerns about the invisible dangers of air pollution and air-transmitted threats, and to help people protect themselves with the affordable respirator product. But they need your help. They need your pledge to fund mass-production tooling for the main silicone polymer face piece and plastic components. In addition, the production cost would only be viable if they can reach the target number of sales.

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