What You Need to Know About Wet Bulb Globe Temperature and How to Calculate It Using a WBGT Calculator

Monitoring wet bulb globe temperature is an easy way of protecting employees, athletes, and overall operations from extreme heat. Schools, manual labor organizations, and athletes observe wet bulb globe temperature to know whether weather-related factors will impact their bodies and performance.

WBGT Calculator

Knowing WBGT can help one to measure heat and manage heat stress for an organization. This article gives you what you need to know about WBGT.

What is Wet Bulb Globe Temperature?

The National Weather Service defines WBGT as the apparent measurement used in estimating the most accurate levels of heat stress from direct sunlight. Wet bulb globe temperature takes into account five factors namely;

  • Wind speed
  • Humidity
  • Temperature
  • Cloud cover (Solar radiation)
  • Sun angle

These factors help groups like industrial hygienists, military agencies, and sports personnel to get the most accurate temperature readings for optimized performance in high-temperature environments.

How to Calculate Wet Bulb Globe Temperature

Because WBGT takes many environmental factors into account, there’s a mathematical equation used to calculate it. This formula is: WBGT = 0.7 Tw + 0.2 Tg + 0.1 Td.

  • Tw refers to the temperature of the wet-bulb, which indicates humidity.
  • Tg is the global thermometer temperature indicating radiant heat.
  • Td is the dry-bulb temperature that indicates ambient air temperature.

This equation is, however, not used to calculate indoor WBGT or negligible solar radiation.

What’s the Purpose of Wet Bulb Globe Temperature?

WBGT is used to determine the appropriate temperature to make a team healthier to perform in high heat situations. Knowing this temperature helps to keep people safe while they’re performing strenuous outdoor activities in high temperatures. It comprehensively measures how easy or hard it would be for athletes to perform in a specific outdoor environment. Athletic trainers, coaches, recreation managers, and athletic directors can use WBGT to prevent heat-related illnesses and injuries that may occur during warmer months.

Calculating WBGT

To prevent oneself from being affected by the adverse effects of heat, there’s a need to measure WBGT. Three methods can be used to measure WBGT. They include:

  • Manual Calculation

If an individual doesn’t have a WBGT calculator or an alerting service from a trusted weather data provider, he or she can use a chart estimating wet bulb globe temperature. Because this method gives just an estimation, it’s not recommended as a foolproof WBGT calculation method.

  • WBGT Calculator

To get an accurate reading of this temperature measurement, one needs a calculator. There are various models of calculators to choose from in the market. One, however, needs to maintain the calculators regularly to prevent their accuracy from fluctuating.

  • On-site Weather Station

One can also measure WBGT from a weather station network that measures then forecasts it. Weather stations can be trusted because they calibrate weather data to ensure it’s factually correct.


WBGT offers a perfect way of keeping athletes safe from illnesses related to heat. That’s because it takes into account many other things other than just the temperature. However, one needs to know how to measure it and have the correct WBGT calculator for measuring it.

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