How On-Demand Healthcare Will Benefit Those with Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is a widespread health issue. According to the CDC, approximately 20% of patients in the United States struggle with it to some degree. 

Unfortunately, receiving proper treatment can be difficult for those diagnosed with chronic pain. That’s simply due to the fact that the very nature of the condition often limits a person’s mobility. Thus, getting to a clinic may be a challenge.

On Demand Healthcare
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Technology is changing that. Thanks to Android and iphone app developers, on-demand apps now allow patients to schedule home visits with medical professionals. For those who struggle to reach treatment centers as a result of chronic pain, this makes receiving the necessary care easier than ever.

The Benefits of On-Demand Healthcare for Chronic Pain Patients

The rise of services such as Uber has given way to an on-demand revolution across numerous industries. As a result, the on-demand economy is now worth greater than $55 billion.

Users embrace on-demand apps because they make life more convenient. Instead of making a phone call or leaving the home to schedule various services, users can merely tap a few buttons on their phones and bring the service to them.

This business model has begun to bring the house call back to prominence. With apps, patients can select times that work for them, review a list of services and prices, and schedule an appointment with the appropriate medical professional. There are many reasons this is helpful to those with chronic pain. The following are some of the more noteworthy:

  • Comfort: Again, chronic discomfort often stops patients from easily leaving their homes. A trip to the clinic may be substantially more difficult for a patient struggling with chronic pain than it would be for someone else. They might avoid seeking necessary treatment as a result. However, when the doctor is able to come to them, they’re more likely to make appointments.
  • Saving Money: Managing chronic pain can be expensive. That’s another reason patients sometimes don’t get the treatment they need. They may be worried about surprises on the bill, or they may not have insurance at all. On-demand apps address this issue by providing clear price lists for various services. Patients can know exactly what they will pay before scheduling an appointment, making them less reluctant to put treatment off.
  • Attention: Treating pain effectively often requires spending time with a patient to thoroughly understand their condition. Unfortunately, few doctors spend more than a maximum of 20 minutes with patients during office visits. This is likely due to the stressful nature of a medical office environment. When numerous patients are waiting for treatment, doctors can feel pressured to complete appointments quickly. That’s not a problem when they make house calls. On-demand services boost the odds of patients receiving the attention they deserve.

These are merely some of the benefits on-demand health apps offer patients with chronic pain. When you can’t move about freely without experiencing discomfort, getting to a clinic for treatment isn’t easy. With an on-demand app, treatment can come to you instead.

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