A Primer from A Pint of Gift Card for Those Entering MMPGs for the First Time

Massive multi-player games, or MMPGs (and more commonly known as MMPORGs), have been around for quite a while and continue to grow in popularity because they combine two attractive elements people like to enjoy: imagination in another environment and being able to interact with others at the same time.


Whether it’s chasing dragons or fantasy creatures, fighting in a war, flying a spaceship in another galactic trade network, or exploring the unknown and uncharted, people love diving into imagined worlds. And they enjoy it even more when the experience can be shared as a group. No surprise then, MMPGs have created quite a market, which generates even more games every few months.

Getting Started in an MMPG

The typical MMPG involves a player first entering the game by utilizing a client program. If on a PC, the player downloads a program that creates the client interface for the player to enter the game. If on a gaming platform, similarly, the player has to obtain the game interface via the platform menu and options. And, if through a browser portal, the play must set up an account to then log in via a browser page.

Once in and the player account is set up, the player can essentially start to move around the environment learning and engaging with the various aspects of the game. Many games originally started with a subscription fee upfront to enter but now the common form is to provide a free account for basic introduction play and a fee-for-play expansion for those who want greater abilities and access in the game via a subscription fee.

Experience and Features Cost More

A key factor in successful MMPG experiences tends to be having the right resources and experiences. Almost all of the games involve an experience-building progression model. This means a player has to spend time doing certain things to improve skills in the game.

Doing so then opens up access to more and more of the game that tends to be more exciting and interesting, as well as rewarding. That in turn requires more resources, tools, and features that have to be bought in the game. The player has two options: use game currency (which takes a long time to earn) or buy game currency with real money to add to one’s ability to buy in-game.

Let’s be honest, MMPGs are not provided for free. They are designed to produce a revenue stream for the game manufacturer who in turn invests some of that money to make the game better and more expansive. As noted earlier, a game subscription is the base cost to play the full game offered.

However, players will quickly find out simple game subscriptions are not enough. Various aspects of an MMPG will be monetized, allowing players to spend more money to access those features faster. Whether it’s gaining experience faster, being able to buy better in-game equipment, or access special sections of the game only available to paying players, additional costs exist. They are optional, but these expenses do make the game easier and more enjoyable to play.

Making Access Easier with Gift Card Codes

One of the best ways to access game features and currency or to provide a really worthwhile gift to someone playing an MMPG is a game-related gift card. These gift cards are sold at regular stores and can be found in the gift card section by their game system logos. They are also available online from vendors like a Pint of Gift Card and others. Some are even becoming specific to the game itself.

So, for example, if one was playing an MMPG on the Xbox platform, an Xbox gift card would be one method of transferring real US dollar value to game currency within the Xbox system. Alternatively, players can now use game-specific gift cards for those who play through other platforms that don’t have their gift card channel connected, but the game itself will take the code for redemption in-game.

Leveraging Gift Card Consolidators

With a program like a Pint of Gift Card, a player or someone who wants to give an MMPG player gift cards for all the most popular games online can do so without running from store to store to find the right card. Instead, a Pint of Gift Card provides multiple game choices all in one place, a player or gift-buyer can select which ones work, and incentives for online purchasing provide discounts that actually save a person real money in the cost of the give card being lower than that in the physical stores.

gift cards

After all, everyone involved has to make some profit to sell cards, and physical stores have to be able to charge a higher price point to make it worth their time. Online, all of those costs or potential fees are wiped out, and programs like a Pint of Gift Card can sell gift cards and they’re more accurate discounted cost to consumers and game players.

A Pint of Gift Card services can also provide players options for trying new games at a lower cost. The gift cards available and growing in the selection are not just for existing players. With consolidated selection channels, a player could use a Pint of Gift Card and similar to try out new games without paying the full cost to get in. Many game cards work just as well for starting up a new account as they do for in-game purchasing.

It helps to check out the details of the game account cost creation in the first place, but with so many offering free accounts to get started, a Pint of Gift Card options become really handy in avoiding losing money on a given game that turns out to be not as good as it looks on a cover or promo package.

The world of MMPGs is not going to shrink or go away anytime soon; the related market has proven itself as a viable business model. So consumers should take advantage of tools like a Pint of Gift Card when possible; there’s no sense paying more than necessary just to enjoy a MMPG extensively.

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