Everything You Need to Know About Smart Cards in 2021

Smart cards are a form of security technology which has been burgeoning for several years now. They help to protect the physical and digital assets of companies and consumers alike. This technology has been immensely useful over the years and so today we thought that we would educate our readers on everything they need to know about smart cards. Keep reading to find out more information about these nifty little devices.

Smart Card Reader

What Are Smart Cards?

Smart cards act as electronic authorization devices which contain a small microchip. They are usually paired with a smart card reader which allows them to complete a variety of processes. For example, they can be used for access control, identification, multifactor authentication, application processing, cashless vending and more. They are made from plastic and then fitted with an embedded integrated circuit chip, RFID antenna, contact chip or both.

What Are the Benefits of Smart Cards?

Smart cards are massively beneficial for several different reasons. Firstly, they can help to improve physical and digital security. For example, in a business, only employees with authorised smart cards can access certain facilities. This helps with monitoring staff and visitor access across even the largest office space.

Smart cards are also portable, so you can carry them around in your wallet or phone case. Finally, these devices can also make operations much quicker and more efficient. Computing tasks, such as sign on, can be completed in mere moments by simply tapping your smart card on an attached reader.

How Are Smart Cards Used?

As smart cards have a massive variety of helpful applications, they are used in a variety of organisations and industries across the world. Predominately, businesses use them for things like ticketing systems, cashless vending, access control and identification. Here are some examples of how industries apply them:

In the retail industry, many businesses have adopted smart cards to create loyalty schemes. By swiping their loyalty cards while paying for goods, customers can accrue points which they can eventually use to redeem in-shop rewards. This not only improves the customer experience but also helps with managing these systems.

The hospitality industry has also invested in smart cards to create a centralised system for all their services. Furthermore, educational institutions like schools and universities have been using these devices to improve security for their campuses and accommodations. Transport stations have started to employ smart card systems, too. The London Underground, for example, supplies its customers with ‘Oyster Cards’ which they can use to pre-pay for trips and quickly access the facilities during rush hour. The list goes on and on.


If it weren’t obvious already, smart cards have been a revolutionary technology over the years. That’s why businesses around the world make use of them. For those hoping to improve security, smart cards are the obvious choice.

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