Flexclip Review: Is This Free Video Editor Worth the Hype?

Video editing is not a daunting task if you have the right tool parked in your backyard. On the other hand, poor audio and inconsistent graphics are prominent reasons why many of us keep switching video editing software every other day. 

I am a big fan of Adobe Premiere Pro, but recently I started using Flexclip, it’s a free online video maker. It has some great features and premade templates which makes video editing a cakewalk to be honest.

flexclip review

Flexclip is an easy-to-use online video editing platform for professional video makers if you are still not aware of what we are talking about. It has a premium plan as well which you may explore if need be.

Whether you want to create a personal video or a business video Flexclip Video Maker is all you need, and today I will share an honest review associated with the software. Let’s find out whether it’s worth it to use it for professional video editing. 

What Makes Flexclip Different From Others?

There is no doubt that this would be the first question that will strike in the mind of all the professional video makers when they come to know about a new video editing software in the market.

Flexclip has an incredible range of libraries, a collection of amazing photographs, music, and videos that you can use for free. It doesn’t matter what kind of video editing project you are working on, as you can find your favorite media files here. 

Whether you want to add audio or background music to a video or photo, Flexclip gets you covered. I’m in love with the app’s features as it makes the video or photo quite attractive. 

Who Should Purchase This Product? 

Professional video editing is not a child’s play, but when done with the right tools, it’s not a difficult task either. Flexclip is one of those right tools which is free for professional video editing. You can split, merge, and adjust audio at zero cost. You can also export videos in 720p and 1080p (HD). 

Undoubtedly, the free version offers various features where you can customize your projects, yet; you will have to sign up to a business plan to enjoy various other premium features to complete a professional project with ease. 

Features of Flexclip Video Editor:

  • The app supports multiple audio formats like MP3, AAC, FLAC, M4A, MP3, OGG, WAV. 
  • Creative audio cutter helps professional video editors in quickly trimming videos. 
  • Now, you can add your favorite audio files to videos in a stress freeway. 
  • Flexclip also offers a dedicated media folder to select videos or other media files for editing. 
  • The app also comes with a great UI or user interface, which is quite efficient and easy to use. 
  • From trimming videos to audio control, video editors can smoothly control all the tasks in Flexclip. 
  • You can also add a watermark to your video and have complete control over the video’s aspect ratio. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Flexclip:

Undoubtedly, the flexclip free online video editing software’s main motto is to help editors create simple videos at no cost. There are hundreds or thousands of online video editing software available on the internet; hence finding the good one is not an easy job. I have deeply analyzed the flexclip video editor and have mentioned the right pros and cons below. 



  • Perfect video editing tool for all your needs.
  • Easy user interface.
  • Thousands of templates are available free of cost. 
  • Flexclip also works on a secured web interface that offers access to users from any device.
  • Enjoy Royalty-free music and videos.
  • HD support
  • Amazing media library.


  • Fewer features in the free version. You have to upgrade to the business version to enjoy all the features.
  • Video Output duration is too low. 
  • Poor graphics control.
  • Adding text to video features needs improvement and bug fixes. 

In other words, the flexclip app is not the right video editing software for video editing pros who know precisely what they need. On the other hand, a flexclip is one of the best applications packed with rookies’ necessary details. The app is a perfect partner for all the people who are starting their first video editing project. 

Flexclip Review: Product Overview:

flexclip reviews

As mentioned above, flexclip video editor is a one-stop shop for all the rookies who are inspired and want to start their career in video editing. The app provides a personalized video editing experience to all the new video editors.

Flexclip Video Maker:

When you visit the website or app, you can create your video from the start in the linear workspace called a storyboard. You can either import files from your computer, mobile. You can select media files from flexclip’s media library.

Editors can also add text, shapes, transitions, and special effects. There are also various other features that you can optimize with a single click. Once you have created the video, you can export it in the desired format. 

Flexclip Video Merger:

Like any other video editing app, you can collage your images or videos and add background music here. 

Flexclip Video Trimmer:

Trimming is not an easy job because a tiny or extra trim can spoil the taste of the entire video. Flexclip has a revolutionized method of trimming videos where you can cut a few parts of a video. The app provides features like axial cut, smash cut, cutaway, cross-cut and parallel cut. 

Flexclip Video Converter:

A common mistake most of the editors make while video conversion is they only focus on changing the format or reducing the size of the video. But, on the flexclip video enhancer, you can customize the video to fit on different screens like computers, mobile, or tablets. You can also increase or decrease the resolution of the video. 

Voice and Screen Recorder:

Unfortunately, if your smartphone lacks a screen recording tool, then a flexclip screen recorder is what you will need for high-resolution screen recording. You can use the feature to create informational videos or for any other instructional activity. 

The app also records high-quality audio while screen recording to offer a seamless user experience. 

Easy to Use:

One of the prominent reasons behind the hype of this product is it is straightforward to use, and it doesn’t matter whether you are a well-experienced video editor or a newcomer. Editing videos at this time doesn’t take long, and you can create attractive videos from scratch. If you have read reviews like “Flexclip video editor needs minutes to master,” you are right. 

Motion Graphics:

Creating a video without motion effects is a bad idea hence you can add unique products, choreography, and motion graphics in a few clicks. The app also provides room for moving text, creating slideshows and presentations. 


flexclip templates

If you ask me what makes this software different from others, my answer is only one word: its templates. The templates of flexclip are divided into four different categories from which you can select video sequences. The four main templates available in the flexclip app are,

  • Business video,
  • Personal video,
  • Professional video, and
  • Marketing video.

Video Output Resolution:

One thing about this app that disappoints me greatly is the video output quality which is only 480p SD for free videos. At the same time, the app provides high-definition or 1080p superior quality resolution in the business version. It’s a simple upgrade to the business version if you want to download HD videos. 

Plans And Pricing:

By this time, you are well aware that you can create free videos on the flexclip video editor. The app also provides three paid versions, and there are plans discussed below. 

  • Business plan: 19.99 USD per month with all the features and 1080p downloads. 
  • Plus: 9.99 USD Includes all the basic versions with HD downloads.
  • Basic: 5.99 USD with high-resolution videos, custom watermark, and 50 projects. 

Customer Support:

As discussed earlier, the app is excellent for beginners and provides various tutorials about templates and on-screen graphics. You can learn everything from scratch on this app. 


A common question in every new editor’s mind is, does flexclip have branding? 

No, the flexclip doesn’t have a watermark on both paid and free versions. However, you can set your watermark on the app.

Flexclip Appsumo Deal:

If you are here by now, then you must have understood the significance of the flexclip video editor in the market. 

Are you interested in the paid version? 

If yes, then Appsumo is offering where you can purchase the app for once and all only for 49 USD, and without a doubt, it’s the deal of the day. 

Deal Link: https://appsumo.com/products/flexclip/

Final Verdict:

Just like any other video editing software, flexclip has both pros and cons. The app is basically for experts, while it’s a boon for beginners. One of the main reasons behind the success of the app is royalty-free content at zero cost. 

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