5 Things to Plan before Shifting your Business Location

If your business is expanding, shifting your business to a new location can be overwhelming. It is a delightful idea to expand your business to a different location. Isn’t it? With this, everything changes such as increased clients, bigger customers, and larger equipment. 

So, it does not matter whether it’s a small, large, or home-based business. Hence, relocating your business to a new office space can be both challenging and complicated. 

On the other hand, expanding your business to a new location also requires a bigger space to work. So, there are various factors that depend on while shifting your business to a new location. Therefore, everything has to be planned accordingly to give it a proper shape. Otherwise, it might result in the opposite. 


So, there are a few important measures that have to be taken care of properly before shifting your business location. That’s why you need to plan your move for setting up or expanding your business location.

5 Things to Plan Out Before Shifting Your Business to a New Location

Are you planning to change your office or business to a new space? Well, it could be challenging but not that difficult as it seems. If you stream everything in the right way, everything will seem to be easy and simple to execute. 

Therefore, a little bit of planning is required to ensure a hassle-free and worthwhile move. Hence, if you keep a few important things in mind it will give you an excellent result.

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  • Make a Budget

Well, it is important to plan or make a budget when shifting business to a new location. Therefore, you need to see how much cost is required for moving, what are the things you are required to shift to your new workplace, what are the heavy equipment you require at the new location. These are the basic requirements you need to look upon to decide your budget. 

Also, you have to decide on the budget for the kind of furniture you require at your new office and what will be the setup of the office.

Therefore, you have to include everything to decide on the budget for your move.

  • Reach Out to Vendors

During your business shifting, make sure you reach out to all the vendors to make them aware of your move. Also, you have to update your new shipping and billing address to all the vendors. Furthermore, you have to make new changes to the scheduled delivery dates to your new office.

Therefore, notify your vendors beforehand to avoid any chaos or delays in your deliveries. It will make things easier for both you and your vendors.

  • Look for Budget-Friendly Movers

You need to look for budget-friendly movers to shift your entire business to a new location. Therefore, everything has to be done before 1 to 2 months of your move. Ask for quotes so that you can get the best deal out of it. 

Make sure you go for any reputed movers so that things can be taken securely and carefully without getting damaged. Therefore, look for reliable and trusted movers who successfully handle office moves. 

Also, if your new office requires cleaning and painting, you can ask the movers to set a quote for you.

  • Inform Employees

Around the time of your shift, let your office employees know that Ignite Digital is moving to a new location. Also, decide upon the number of employees you require for your new business location. Since it requires time, it is better to do it beforehand to avoid any chaos. 

So, let them know ahead of time that you want to expand your business location. It will help them to decide whether they are comfortable with the new location or not.

  • Inform Client or Customer about New Business Location

It is better to inform the clients and customers beforehand to avoid any confusion. Therefore, let them know about your upcoming move on various social media platforms to keep them updated. Otherwise, it will come to them as a surprise which might hurt their sentiment. 


So, these are 5 important things to plan before shifting your business location to avoid any commotion at the new workplace. If you can follow these simple steps you can shift your business location in a hassle-free way. 

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