What is Local SEO and How Does It Work

Search Engine Optimization or SEO means optimizing your business website so that it ranks higher in the search result pages of Google and other search engines whenever a search term related to the products and services offered by your business is entered. Many SEO techniques include incorporating correct keywords in the website’s content, link building, optimizing core web vitals, and many more. SEO aims to compel the search algorithm to pick up the website. A high ranking means greater visibility to prospective customers.



Meaning of local SEO

Local SEO enables the business website to be more visible in the local search results of Google or any other search engine. Local SEO optimizes the website for a specific local or geographical area. As a result, the business is more visible to the local audience looking for its products and services in that particular area. Local means the prospects for securing offline customers is also increased significantly. The chances of repeat sales also increase because local customers who had a positive experience are likely to return. After all, the business is local.

Local SEO is concerned with a particular city/town/region, while general SEO has no local element.

Who can opt for local SEO?

A business that operates from a brick and mortar establishment and requires customers to visit it can benefit from local SEO by becoming more visible to customers living in the same city or region. Such businesses include retail shops, bars, law firms and others.

A business that operates in a particular geographical area can also utilize local SEO to gain more customers. For example, a restaurant providing food delivery in a particular area can benefit from local SEO by getting more visibility among customers searching for food delivery in that geographical region.

Businesses that provide services to customers by going to their places can become visible to customers looking for services in the service area of that business through local SEO. Examples include plumbers, electricians, pest control companies, etc.

How does local SEO work?

Google and other search engines pick up local searches based on search terms containing names of cities, regions or zip/pin codes. Search terms including the words ‘near me’ also trigger local search results. The person’s location through the GPS location of his/her mobile phone can also be used to provide local search results.

Local SEO provider

SEO agencies offer local SEO services to local businesses. For example, a business based in Kolkata can enlist the local SEO services of an SEO service provider in Kolkata such as Kundu Digital. The service provider creates a Google My Business Account of the business enterprise by providing photos, addresses, contact information, opening and closing times and reviews. After that, the business gets listed in the local directory.

A host of other techniques are used, such as building local links, optimizing the content with keywords relevant to local searches, building a good reviews profile and using analytical tools to assess the impact of local SEO on the local audience.

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