Are Keyboard Shortcuts Important?

Keyboard shortcuts are only an introduction to total keyboard accessibility, allowing users to access information without using a mouse. These are combinations of keys, and pressing a particular keyboard shortcut will command your computer to do a specific task. Using keyboard shortcuts also lets you keep both of your hands on the keyboard. For this reason, users find it more convenient to use than a mouse.

Keyboard Shortcut Importance
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Below are some of the ways how keyboard shortcuts can benefit you:

Boosts Efficiency

Generally, computer professionals acknowledge that keyboard shortcuts instead of mouse increases productivity and work output. Keyboard shortcuts can help you get the job done faster as you only need to click a combination of keys that will take more time to do using a mouse. For instance, selecting all text in a document or website takes a lot of time, especially for long documents. If you press Ctrl+A instead, it will get the job done right away.


You can use a combination of keyboard and mouse to enjoy their advantages. Some things are easier to complete with the mouse, such as browsing web pages and clicking links, but you can also navigate inside the page or between tabs using the keyboard.

Reduces the Risk of RSI

Repetitive Syndrome Injury or RSI is more likely for those who use a mouse extensively than a keyboard. Alternating between the mouse and keyboard allows you to lessen the fatigue on your fingers and wrists and the risk of having RSI.

Also, keyboard shortcuts improve accessibility for people with disabilities. In relation to this, more and more websites today use an accessibility overlay to enhance their accessibility. These tools find and fix web accessibility issues, making a website easier to navigate for users with disabilities.

Improves Precision

If your job gives importance to precision, using a keyboard is advisable. Among the tasks that require precision is text editing, which is more efficient to handle with shortcut keys than a mouse.

How to Find Keyboard Shortcuts?

There are different keyboard shortcuts for each application. You can find them next to menu items, although some applications like Microsoft Word display the corresponding keyboard shortcut by hovering over to a button.

Disabling Keyboard Shortcuts

In case you don’t wish to use keyboard shortcuts, you can disable them by using the following ways:

  • Turn off hotkeys
  • Utilize a script to edit your Registry
  • Disable all shortcut keys of Windows using the Registry Editor

Some people wish to disable the shortcut keys on their keyboard to avoid hitting them by mistake. It can be annoying when you delete a file permanently by mistake.


In a nutshell, keyboard shortcuts boost user efficiency and thus, increase productivity. It also makes working more convenient since it helps reduce fatigue imposed by using the mouse too much. However, keyboard shortcuts differ from program to program. So, you have to familiarize yourself with a comprehensive list of key combinations to be efficient.

On the other hand, keyboard shortcuts improve web accessibility for people with disabilities. Learn these combinations of keyboard keys today to reap its advantages.

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