5 Tips for Preparing Your Feet for Cold Weather

Winter can be tough and cause serious discomfort. But it’s harder on your feet if you leave them unprotected. Even with all the layers of clothing, scarf and gloves, you can still feel the cold rise up through your feet. And the next thing you know, you can’t walk anymore!

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Cold weather can be a real nuisance if you end up experiencing cold feet. But there are ways to keep your feet all warm and protected. So, here are our top 5 tips for preparing your feet for cold weather:

5 Easy Tips to Take Care of Your Feet in Cold Weather

Wear the Right Shoes:

The first step to protect your feet is to pick the right shoes for it. You must look for certain important features as you choose them. Firstly, it must be waterproof to save your feet from getting wet on rainy or snowy days. Secondly, it must be breathable enough to allow perspiration to escape. Thirdly, it must have a good grip with anti-slip sole to prevent you from slipping in the snow or ice.

Beside these, some additional precautions can help block airflow into your shoes during extreme conditions. One, insulate it with some paper, both on the inside and outside. Two, wrap some plastics or even duct tapes around the upper part of your shoes. Three, use the disposable shower caps to cover your shoes. However, you must remember to remove them immediately if you feel they are making your feet sweaty.

Double the Pair of Socks:

It’s always advisable to wear two pairs of socks rather than a thick one. That’s because the air trapped in between them could act as a powerful insulator and keep your feet warmer.

Choose socks that aren’t too tight as that can hamper blood circulation. The combination can’t be too thick to fit with your shoes. The socks must be moisture-wicking to wick away the sweat from your feet. Wool or silk socks should be preferred over cotton socks as the latter has low insulation value.

Pamper with Cream:

Another good way to take care of your feet is to pamper it with cream. Your skin can get dry and dehydrated in cold weather causing the heels to crack. It can be painful and prone to infection. So, applying cream to your feet daily is the best option to keep it soft and hydrated.

Moreover, winter creams are good for preparing your skin to face the chill. For more knowledge of how best to prepare for cold weather, pay a visit to this website.

Use Toe Warmers:

Toe warmers are known to keep the feet warm for as long as six hours. They come in plastic packets and can be activated simply by opening the packets.

You can put them inside your shoes, above or below your toes. Being very thin, they can fit inside your shoes. If you have tight fitting shoes, consider wearing thin socks to fit them inside.

Keep a few packets of toe warmers with you during winter. Unpack them and slip them inside whenever you feel your feet getting cold. You would notice the difference instantly.

Keep it Dry:

Lastly, you must always keep your feet dry. Be it with wearing the moisture-wicking socks or by investing in waterproof shoes. Plus, you must leave your shoes to dry once you reach home and remove them. Scrunched-up newspaper or tissues are good at sucking up moisture from your shoes.

Also, research and learn more about how you can take good care of your feet and keep them protected.


Cold Weather can be harsh on your feet. But that shouldn’t keep you from enjoying the outdoors during wintertime. What you should do instead is just prepare your feet for cold weather with these simple tips!

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