Latest News Hints at the Upcoming New Version of Android Operating System

We are approaching the end of the third month of the year 2017, and we are expecting more news to come in from the world of technology. The latest one that has come up reveals the fact that we are all set to get the latest updated software from the house of Google. And it is believed that Android operating system is going to be made available on the market as Android O.

Android O Oreo
Android O is expected to be launched alongside Pixel 2 later this year

It is quite natural that the arrival of the news immediately has sparked new speculations regarding what is going to be the name of the new Android operating system that will be launched by Google. It is believed that the upcoming version of the operating system is going to be named according to one of the most popular biscuits that are available on the market. The teaser has hinted that it could be named as the Android Oreo. However, experts are of the opinion that it is not one of the most reliable sources, so, for the time being, we are not yet sure what is going to be the name of the new operating system from Google.

But that does not prevent the speculators from starting estimating the probable features of the Android O operating system. And the first impressions that we have got, we have started to expect that there is going to be an upgrade as far as the app icons in the new OS is concerned. New app icon badges for notifications are expected to come in alongside the picture-in-picture mode, restricted activity of the apps in the background and improved MediaRecorder API.

It is predicted that the new Android O operating system will be launched during the launch of the Pixel 2 which will be unveiled during the latter part of the year 2017. So with a long time to go before the arrival of the launch date, there is plenty of room for the experts to work on in the near future. But as of now, the teaser of the Android O operating system is all that we have got, and we need to bank on the future reports that will surely start flowing in without failure.

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