Mi Power Banks (16000, 10400, 5000) mAh Features, Specifications and Price in India

It’s very hard to stay out all day long with the power-hungry smartphones. Though almost all leading brands claim that their smartphones, tabs are equipped with giant batteries, we know how much power they actually store- not enough for rigorous day long usage. Power banks are the only way to tackle the situation when your smartphone or tab goes out of power.

MI Power Banks
  MI Power Banks

MI Power Banks Launched- a step forward to join competition in India

Chinese smartphone maker; Apple of China- Xiaomi has launched three exclusive mi power banks with different capacities of 1600mAh, 10400 mAh and 500 mAh in Flipkart. Xiaomi has become a reliable brand these days recently. After selling more than 1.5 million devices in India, Xiaomi now comes up with trendy accessories like- power banks aggressively.

Xioami’s Mi Power Banks- Reliable and Budget Friendly

After securing a market share in India, Xioami is expanding its operations and product categories fast. For tightening up the supply, recently it has announced to invest $2 billion that will be utilised in manufacturing devices primarily. As the first step of this, it launched three new power banks with price brackets Rs. 699 to Rs. 1399. Let’s explore a little more in these.

MI Power Banks- Specifications

Giant comes with real giant footsteps. MI’s 16000 mAh power banks are well equipped with dual USB ports- you can charge two devices at the same time! But in the other two variants, there is single USB port only. And 2 cells lithium ion batteries sourced from reputable suppliers like Panasonic and LG. Shiny Aluminum outer shell provides the power banks with an elegant look, and premium feels.

MI Power Banks 16000 mAh
 MI Power Bank: 16000 mAh

Super Compatible with Wide Range of Devices

The best part of these power banks- all these are compatible with wide range of brands like LG, Samsung, Apple, HTC, Google and Blackberry, etc. as well as all cameras and gaming devices. 4 LED indicators are there on the side to inform you how much power it has stored while charging. 9 layers of protection sourced from “Texas Instruments” provide the power banks world class protection.

Japanese Technology to Prevent over charging and over discharging

MI power banks have become smart enough to protect itself from over current flow that basically damages Li-on batteries a lot. These get to switch off automatically when charged fully. Just plug it and let it do. Simple reset mechanism gives these power banks stability in an unsuitable environment.

Temperature Resistance and Short Circuit Protected

All the three MI power banks are heat resistance that enables the device to be operated in high temperature safely. Don’t think too much after plugging in an unknown place as these all are short circuit protected.

Xiaomi MI Power Banks specifications

Mi Power Bank 16000 mAh- Features and Specs

With a slick design of 90.5×77×21.6, this giant some power bank is a real fat source of uninterrupted power supply. It’s a hosepipe of 5.1V/3.6A output. But the awesome thing is, it weighs 350 grammes. It can charge 3.5 Redmi Note 4G.

Mi Power Banks 10400 mAh- Features and Specs

With 93% conversion rate these MI power banks are one of the most top rated efficient among the branded power banks. This 10400 mAh power bank can charge up to 4.5 iPhone 5S.

Xiaomi MI Power Banks

MI Power Banks 5000 mAh- Features and Specs

This jumbo dhamaka in the little packet is capable of charge 1 Redmi Note 4G or 1.8 Apple iPhone 6. Though this 9.9 mm slick power bank does not look like that- really it is. This is so thin that it can be adjusted in your pocket easily!

Price of the MI Power Banks

Power Banks Price (INR)
MI Powerbank 16000 mAh 1399
MI Powerbank 10400 mAh 999
MI Powerbank 5000 mAh 699

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