Bloodborne 2 Release Date, Gameplay, Trailer, Requirements, Rumours, PC & Xbox One

Bloodborne 2 the most talked about game of FromSoftware after Dark Souls 3. As the Japanese video game company already confirmed the Dark Souls 3 Release Date and gave a hint that it could just be the last instalment of the souls series, speculations about Bloodborne 2 has already started. Analysing all the rumours and smoking guns that we sniffed in recent months, it is not really too early to talk about Bloodborne 2. Let’s see what we have on the Bloodborne 2 Release Date, Trailer, Gameplay that slipped in from the capuchin of FormSoftware.

Bloodborne 2 Gameplay

Picture Courtesy: Neogaf 

In the month of September, we came across a conversation between a Bloodborne game buff and official page of the company that gave a hint about its development. Undoubtedly, Bloodborne 2 is one of the most anticipated Play Station 4 games and we also bumped into several Bloodborne 2 news, rumours including the Facebook conversation and found many more details about the game’s development, check it out.

Bloodborne 2 Release Date

Bloodborne 2 Rumours, News

There’s been a buzz around the Bloodborne DLC recently, which is mainly an expansion of Bloodborne the old hunters. Centralizing Bloodborne DLC Trailer, weapons, bosses the buzz is inevitable. Still, the report of Segment Next or the discussion regarding the Facebook conversation on Neogaf encouraged the scuttlebutt around the next sequel of Bloodborne. Moreover, few days back Sony announced that it will not be releasing and downloadable content or Bloodborne DLC in future for Play Station after November, 2015. It’s true that FormSoftware planned two different DLC for Bloodborne, however, according to the producer of Sony Japan, Masaaki Yamagiwa the plans have been changed.

Bloodborne 2 Release Date

Claiming Dark Souls 3 may just be the last sequel of the series, cancelling Bloodborne DLC, all this news really indicating that FormSoftware is surely focusing on the development of “Bloodborne 2”.

Bloodborne 2 Release Date

‘Bloodborne 2 release date’ that is indeed the most discussed topic nowadays. Though, we already have some clue regarding the game’s in development phase, that doesn’t mean it is coming out any time soon. However, the Facebook conversation that we mentioned earlier has already been deleted by its moderator. Still, we can’t say that Bloodborne 2 is totally a far our concept considering its popularity and success in the year of its release.

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We saw the release of two different games of FormSoftware in 2014, one is in the month of March named Dark Souls 2 and the other one is in November, 2014 dubbed as Redux Scholar of the First Sin. Then FormSoftware released Bloodborne the old hunters with separate story but undoubtedly similar to its other popular series. Earlier the developer of FormSoftware, Hidetaka Miyazaki said that Dark Souls 3 may just be the big closure of the series as the company is gradually becoming too predictable in terms of gameplay or genre of a game. So, FormSoftware is focusing on introducing something that would surprise the game buffs who love to play action-role playing video game. Dark Souls 3 is scheduled to release on 24th March, 2016, so there’s a high chance that the video game company may not make any big release in 2016. Analysing all the fact, we can assume that Bloodborne 2 may come out in March, 2017 as the month of March has always been the one for FormSoftware and the company is all set to release its one and only DLC for the old hunters in November, 2015.

  • Bloodborne 2 Release Date: March, 2017 (Probable)
  • Bloodborne 2 Release Date PC: April, 2017 (Probable)

Bloodborne 2 Gameplay Trailer

Sweat, Blood and Nightmare that have been the specialty of Bloodborne the Old hunters’ gameplay. And of course FormSoftware is looking forward to develop something new that is different from its existing series. So, we are hoping for array of surprises regarding the Bloodborne 2 gameplay. Another recent gameplay revealed the second phase of Ludwig Boss Battle on YouTube. According to the recent leaked information, FormSoftware may release the Bloodborne 2 Trailer in December, 2016.

  • Bloodborne 2 Gameplay Trailer Release Date: December, 2016.

Bloodborne 2 System Requirements

Bloodborne 2 requirements could be high than its existing game series. As PC version of Bloodborne 2 is expected to release one month later of its Play Station 4 version release date, which is mentioned earlier. Check probable Bloodborne 2 PC Requirements to see if you are ready for it.

Bloodborne 2 Requirements

  • Processor: APU A8-3870K Quad-Core or Better
  • RAM: 6 GB or Higher
  • Hard Disk Space: 30 GB
  • Graphics Chip: Radeon HD 6870 or Higher
  • OS: Windows 10, 8, 7 & Mac

Bloodborne 2 PC, Xbox One, PlayStation & Other Details

No PC version of Bloodborne the old hunters is available yet, Sony also confirmed in a recent event that the company is not yet planning for the Bloodborne PC version. However, they also claimed that in future they have a plan to introduce PC version of any popular game in one month of its official release date for Play Station 4. Another interesting thing is that Bloodborne 2 has high chance for an Xbox One release in order to gain more exposure. Also share your thoughts on Bloodborne 2 release date, gameplay trailer, requirements and all in the comment box.

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