Viber Now Enables Delete Sent Messages

Instant messaging service Viber introduced an innovative feature that let every user to delete “Sent Messages” in any conversation. Privacy freak users of instant messaging now can use this brand new feature of Viber update. Users who has not updates their Viber till now, please do it in order to avail this feature. Viber version¬†5.6.5 lets everyone use this cool thing.

Viber Update

Now you can enjoy Viber’s new privacy updates in Android and iOS device. By pressing the text bubbles in any conversation, users will get a new option- “Delete For Everyone“. By selecting this option user can delete the text from the conversation permanently. Android users can reply any message without opening the app.

Snapchat is the pioneer in this feature. They introduced self destructing messaging option which let sender set a timing with the message. Messages go deleted after that time from receivers inbox. Viber opted the same thing but in an other way. Here if you wish, you can delete any message in a simple way.

Viber also brought a thing- sharing option and that is from directly iCloud. But for Android, there is no such update. This is going to be an important step towards targeting more users specially who are concern about their privacy in using over the top messaging service.

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