Forget WiFi, Live on LiFi- 100 Times Faster Than WiFi

It’s time to move beyond WiFi as LiFi has come up. It will enable users can transfer data at the rate of 224 GB that is 100 times faster than our traditional WiFi. It’s now is in testing phase and may attain the same data transfer speed in real life testing also.  A professor at Edinburgh University named Harald Haas invented a wireless broadband technology that uses LEDs to send data at hundreds of times the speed of today’s WiFi networks. Real time lightning fast data transfer will make our super computers more efficient and will save time in data sharing if this invention works in real life experiments.

LiFi technology

How LiFi Works

With LiFi’s lightning fast speed you can easily download 18 HD movies in a blink of an eye. LiFi works by flashing LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights on and off at incredibly fast speeds, sending the data from sender to a receiver in binary code. It’s essentially an ultra-fast version of turning your flashlight on and off to create morse code. The flashes occur so fast and in a simultaneous pattern that they are not seen by the naked eye.


All one need to do is fit a small microchip to every potential Light emitting device and this would then sum up two basic functionalities — light emission and wireless data transmission. In In other words, the infrastructure is already there. We can use the LED bulbs we already have, with some tweaking! Believe it or not. Future is going to be changed faster than we ever thought.

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