Datawind To Launch 4G Enabled Phone at Rs. 3000

Datawind which is famous for providing low cost smart gadget is coming up with 4G device that costs Rs. 3000 only! No, it’s not day dream. Datawind clearly mentioned that they are entering the 4G device market with an aim to capture low budget segment.

Datawind is not only going to offer the low cost device but also uncapped 4G net surfing package for a year! That means after a year of using 4G, the device will be free of cost! Because if we take Rs. 250 per month for 4G usage, in 12 months it will cost around Rs. 3000 while your operator will provide limited data access, but here if you purchase the Datawind device you can enjoy true unlimited 4G throughout the year!

Data wind sellingG phone costs Rs. 3000

“We will launch a 4G device for about Rs. 3,000 with free unlimited 4G browsing for 12 months,” Datawind President and CEO Suneet Singh Tuli told PTI.

Datawind is ready for aggressive marketing. Bharti Airtel on August 6 announced launch of its 4G smart phone services and now it covers over 350 towns whereas Vodafone India has started with Kochi, which will be followed by Delhi, Mumbai, and other metros by March of the next year.

Reliance Jio is also in the market to expand their 4G capabilities in the metros. That’s why sale of 4G phone is surging up since last year. Samsung and Micromax halted their production of 2G devices. People are leaning for more 3G phones as the prices are coming down within the budget of general people.

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