Oral-B Genius : A Smart Toothbrush for High-Tech Oral Hygiene

Oral-B has revolutionized and sets a new oral care standard when the company unveiled their latest model of the Smart Series of connected toothbrushes today, the Oral-B Genius at the ongoing Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. According to the USA based toothbrush making company, the Oral-B Genius comes with the Position detection technology which uses motion sensors and the user’s phone camera to track and take better care of your oral and dental hygiene.

Oral B Genius

Oral-B had made debut of its Smart Series, the electric and connected toothbrushes couple of years ago. But the company incorporated the location tracking technology for the first time through this Oral-B Genius toothbrush. The main motto of using the position detection technology is to let the user know which parts of their mouth are underserved while tooth-brushing.

Oral-B Genius Feature

The Oral-B genius toothbrush comes with built-in motion and acceleration sensors, which facilitate this electronic smart toothbrush to know its position inside the user’s mouth. But for a better dental hygiene the most important factor is played by the person who is brushing; as he/she is the person who can clean different zones by changing the rotation of the brush. So here comes the fun part, to know the position of your mouth Oral-B has developed a video recognition algorithm which uses a smartphone’s camera to identify the brusher’s face and merging the camera and the brush data, the app calculates the position of your teeth and translates it to zones.


Now a stylized map is displayed on your smartphone’s screen where the uses can see the zones where they have spent adequate time as well the zones the users have neglected and need to revisit to get the job done properly. According to a research done by Oral-B, 80% of people spent inadequate time brushing in at least one zone in their mouth and 60% of people either didn’t brush their back molars at all, or spent insufficient time brushing them. So the position detection technology included in the brand new Oral-B Genius helps the users to brush all zones in the mouth equally and evenly.

To monitor and control the features from the Oral-B app on their smartphone and to get the feedback for the app in real time, this whole new intelligent and smart tooth-brushing technology demands the users to stand in front of the smartphone. So to help the users to do that, the Genius comes with a suction-cup holder to stick the phone to the bathroom mirror. The user is advised to sync data with their toothbrush, at least, every two weeks and these pieces of information can also be shared with their dentist. The company has already received aggregated data of close to 6.4 million brushing sessions, tracked by the app since launch two years ago. Not only that, this electronic toothbrush can also be charged by plugging via an USB cable.


Just like the other Smart Series toothbrushes, The Oral-B Genius also comes with six brushing modes: deep clean, daily clean, massage mode, whitening mode, tongue cleaner, and sensitive. Your dentist can choose the right mode for you. Your dentist can also suggest the zones you need to look after more and needed more cleaning. The Oral-B app will then advise you to add 10 more seconds to those areas at the end of every brushing session. The Oral-B app also pushes their users to spend more time in each individual zone of their mouth. Users must brush away a blue colored part in each segment before moving to the next segment. This connected smart-brash also has a light ring that can be customized with one of 12 different colors chosen from the app, though this feature has nothing to do with your oral hygiene but the fun part only.

Oral-B is also fostering a dream about creating an entire eco-system of third-party apps too, and thus they held a dental hygiene competition last November, and the company is now offering SDK and an API for developers to use in the creation of features like achievements to unlock rewards, or games to motivate kids to brush in a proper manner.

Oral–B Genius Release Date

The company has not declared the exact release date of T he Oral-B Genius. But Oral B has promised that they will start shipping to the Western Europe in the coming July 2016 will hit the American markets two months later.

Oral–B Genius Price

The company has not decided any price yet but according to the sources working closely with this project a pair of toothbrush will cost $250. The box will contain a travel case for the brush and two different heads. The box also comes with a battery pack to recharge the brush. The case includes a USB port too for recharging your smartphone too. It is very much essential.

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