Sony Smartwatch 4 Probable Release Date, Price, Features and Key Specs

The world is slowly transiting from Smartphones to wearable. A trend that is quiet wearable perceivable as big companies like Apple and Sony are rolling out watches with the latest features. It has been a while since the Sony Smartwatch 3 was launched leaving the market ripe with anticipation for the next Sony wearable, Smartwatch 4. The big question is, whether the Smartwatch 4 will be an extension of what the rivals are producing or will it bring something new to the table.  In this post we are going to reveal to you all that you need to know about the upcoming Smartwatch 4. The release date, price, features, key specifications etc.

Sony SmartWatch 4

Sony Smartwatch 4 Features

There are several things that we liked in the last Smartwatch, like the impressed display, reading the screen in direct sunlight. Hopes are that the next Smartwatch is going to exceed these features and offer much more.

Sony Smartwatch 4 Design

Rumours are that the all new Sony Smartwatch is not going to look any different than its predecessor. Sony is not going to make any big modifications in the design albeit the thickness. It only wise to get rid of that bizarre bulkiness and make the Smartwatch thicker, slimmer that’ll automatically make the Smartwatch more stylish and attractive. The last word is that the design with its rectangular display is going to be better than the last one. And the watched are going to be available in three colours –  black, gold and silver.

Sony Smartwatch 4 Display

The Sony Smartwatch 4 is rumoured to feature a crystal-clear LCD. And if they want take on their rivals head-on, then we are hoping the watch will sport a more vibrant AMOLED display. The 5 inch Smartwatch is going to be equipped with Gorilla Glass 4 coating.

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Smartwatch 4 Operating System

The upcoming Smartwatch is going to run on the latest Android Wear OS v1.4 from Google. Its going to come loaded with sensors that is supported by the OS.

Sony Smartwatch 4 Battery

For wearable watches, battery life is a major factor. One tends to wear a watch throughout the day. The user will be highly annoyed if s/he had to take off her/his watch because the battery had run out. That being said, the Sony Smartwatch 4 is going to be powered by 420 mAh battery, which is pretty decent.

Smartwatch 4 Connectivity

With Smartwatch 4 you will be able to connect to a wi-fi network, and 4G.

Sony Smartwatch 4 Release Date

Earlier there was a rumor that that device will be released around the end of the year 2015 (November/December), which didn’t happen. Now rumors are gaining wind that the Sony Smartwatch will probably be released in somewhere in the mid 2016.

Sony Smartwatch 4 Price

Sony Smartwatch is going to be priced around $350 in the American markets and slightly more or less in the other markets.

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Wrap Up: 

In the age of technology, wearables are the future. The Sony Smartwatch 4 is eagerly awaited by fans. Keep your eyes on our site for further updates on the device.

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