Garmin Fenix 4 Release Date, Price, Features and Key Specs

Just within a few days of the launch of Garmin Fenix 3 HR, the company has again become the talk of the world due to the rumors regarding its next product, Garmin. It can be said without any doubt, that all the new products in the tech market create a virtual market through the rumors which are spread. Garmin Fenix 4 is also probably one of those products. The launch of smart gadgets has made us much of “gadget freak”. So probably, this has become easier on the part of the companies also to launch newer products because the companies are confidents enough about the sale and profit.

Garmin Fenix 3 has turned the heads around on its grand launch. Now the ball is in the court of the next version of the gadget called the Garmin Fenix 4. People all over the world are looking forward to it. Though it is just a rumor now, yet many expectations have already emerged. The situation is more so probably because of the new updates which have been configured into the predecessor called Garmin Fenix 3.

Garmin Fenix 4 Features

Garmin Fenix 3 was upgraded with a system which could track the rate of heart beat. The most important feature about this fitness tracker is that it can be used in any kind outdoor sports and in any condition. This includes swimming, running, hiking, etc. The same was provided with Sapphire Lens and stainless steel. It is being expected that unlike the previous one Garmin Fenix 4 is going to be a unisex watch. The rumor basically is that the Garmin Fenix 4 will release in different editions to serve this purpose. This will probably lead to the launch of the product in three different price ranges.

Garmin Fenix 4 expected features and key specs

The Fenix 3 was a little bit of bulky because of a high capacity battery which would give a service up to 16 long hours in GPS mode and as long as 3 months in the watch mode. Now this is really a challenge for the company to make the configurations of the Fenix 4 such, that the battery is better or at least at par with the previous version, but with a control and check on the weight of the same.

Garmin Fenix 4 expected features and key specs

Undoubtedly the Fenix 4 will also be a high quality multisport GPS watch. It will come equipped with GPS and sensors for ABC which is altimeter, barometer and compass. In the new Fenix 4, weather changes and also the location changes will e marked with a breadcrumb trail. However some features will remain similar to the previous version of the product, but would be backed up with technological improvements. Another big thing is that the previous version had to be attached to the chest to measure the heartbeat rate with a strap. It was quite impossible for the people to use it in that way because as far as comfort is concerned, a chest strap is not a very wise thing during exercise. But then, Fenix 4 comes with the feature of measuring heartbeat rate even if it is worn on the wrist.

Garmin Fenix 4 Release Date

Though the release date and price of the Garmin Fenix 4 is yet to be revealed, it is expected that it would launch on 21st February 2016 at MWC. The market price of the product on its release would be around $700. But if the product is from Garmin then price is not a factor. And if it’s going to be released on 21st Feb then there is no time to gear up to bag the gadget in first flash sale.

Wrap Up

With so much of new tech configured into the upcoming Garmin Fenix 4, the launch is hopefully going to be a grand one. Recently released Fenix 3 has already given stiff competition to many brands like Fitbit Alta. Now it’s time to check out what the next version is going to do.

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