Apple’s 21st March Event expected to witness launch of 4inch iPhone and new iPad

Apple, which has always been very particular about all its products and launches, is conducting the grand launch event on this March 21st at Apple’s Cupertino Campus in California. The company has scheduled launch of an all new 4inch iPhone at the event. So naturally all the Apple lovers are looking forward to the event with high level of expectations and excitement. Though the company has confirmed one launch, it also expected that it would also come up with other products.

Apple’s 21st March event – expected products

Among the other expected products, lie a new iPad. According to sources, Apple is going to introduce an upgraded iPhone with only 4inch screen size. After the grand event of MWC conducted at Barcelona, the tech market has been stuffed with a lot of new gadgets, with newer specifications. Especially from companies like Samsung phones like S7 and S7 Edge came. Now   it is expected that the iPhone 7 will also feature a curved screen like Galaxy S7 Edge, to give competition to the same. The Apple lovers have always been much happy with the features, but to be true, some features like the screen size and the display, most other companies are enjoying a higher status in the customers’ eyes right now.

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Despite the stiff competition, Apple is bringing new phone of size 4inch. As the display is getting smaller, so quite naturally, it is expected that the new 4inch size phone of Apple will surely feature some other interesting specifications, which can compete against the latest features of the other leading Smartphones of the world. The new iPhone of 4inch will reportedly look similar to the iPhone 5 S launched way back in 2013. Yet another assumption is that it will feature a speedier A9 processor which is presently being featured in iPhone 6S. As far as the other features about the display is concerned, the new iPhone featuring a 4inch screen might launch in hot pink, black, white and sea blue colors besides the metallic golden and silver colors of iPhone.

iPhone with 5.8 inch screen to launch in by 2017-2018

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Well! When features of a new iPhone are concerned, the most interesting update that has come from the company’s part is that the iPhone 7 might be a fully waterproof one. A company like Apple must have definitely got some strategies to compete the rest of the tech giants from all over the world. Few days back it was heard that in the Indian market Apple has faced a sales downfall due to Samsung. So let us look forward to the way in which Apple manages the total scenario and handles the situation.

Wrap Up

Apple unlike many other tech giants, always somehow manages to be at the top of the list of headlines of the tech news. This event is no exception. Though the event on 21st March is an Apple exclusive one, after the grand MWC event, this is going to be the second tech event of the year. The whole world is looking forward to it and so are we. So let’s check out what’s waiting for us. We will keep you up to date with all the news of this sort, so stay in touch with Techvicity.

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