iPhone 7 with 5.8 inch screen to launch by 2017-2018

Apple has always successfully kept itself at the top with its products. Apple as a company has always remained the concern of the world by being the topic of rumors at the social media platforms. The products of Apple always create a virtual market even before the launch of the product. So this time also a new probability regarding one more introduction in the list of products of iPhone popped up on the internet.

iPhone with 5.8 inch screen to launch in by 2017-2018

This time the news is that the company is going to introduce one new screen size into the range of products. The size is 5.8 inch. According to sources, the company is working out on the 5.8inch screen size. Regarding its release dates, it has been heard that it might be scheduled to release by 2017 or 2018.

One more important point that has to be looked into is that the company is supposedly dumping the LCD display in favor of Moled display. So probably the company is going to bring a huge change in the features of a new product that might be launched in the year 2017 or 2018. The tech sector is looking forward to witness those changes. So are we.


In an article before this you have read that the iPhone 7 is going to be a fully waterproof one. So in addition to that feature, the company has introduced another change in the screen size area. So now the curiosity arises that which phone by Apple is going to get a new screen size. The phone with the most chances to be configured with this screen size is the upcoming iPhone 7. So apart from being a full waterproof phone and configured with a new screen size, the other features are also modified. So let us check those out.

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iPhone 7 – Key features at a glance

  • Apart from being a phone with a new screen size, this phone is also going to feature a design like that of Galaxy S7 Edge. So the new iPhone is going to have a curved display with a Gorilla Glass protection. Well! It is probably the time for the Samsung users to be jealous.
  • As far as the charging system of the all new iPhone is concerned, the phone might feature a wireless charging facility reducing the problems of charging when you are out of your place.
  • The camera of iPhone has been at the focus always. So this time also it will keep up to the expectations of the customers. The phone will feature a rear camera of 16MP with aperture f/2.4 and dual LED flash. the front camera will be of 8MP with autofocus and aperture f/2.2 and a flash. So this time, the added advantage is a front flash.
  • Another important point that should always be discussed while talking of an iPhone is its security system, which is probably unbeatable. The next iPhone is going to feature retina scan as a security besides the fingerprint method. So the next iPhone will take you to a higher level of security.

These were the features of the upcoming iPhone. However, the world is looking forward to the next event which will be conducted by Apple on 21st of March. Along with the rest of the world, we are also looking forward to the same. We hope that the event is going to bring a lot of new surprises for the admirers of Apple.

Wrap Up

As the matter of concern over here is Apple, naturally the expectations are huge. So along with the world we will also hope that the concept of new 5.8 inch screen size of Apple will turn the heads around. For more updates, stay in touch with Techvicity.

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