iPhone 7 to be full waterproof?

There have been many rumors regarding the upcoming model of Apple called iphone 7. It has been ruling the internet over a long period. Every time a new iPhone is released, the features are upgraded. So quite naturally, there has been huge expectation regarding the latest iPhone also. Now finally some of the probable features have been revealed. The most interesting feature is that the iphone 7 will be full waterproof. Now let us check out the other probable things about the upcoming iphone 7.

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iphone 7 – expected features, key specs and release date

The most interesting fact that has been revealed about the long awaited iphone 7 is that this phone is going to be totally waterproof. So now you can keep the love of your life even inside the water with yourself. Yet another important thing is that this iPhone is going to be the thinnest iPhone till date. Though the thickness measure has not yet been revealed, but it is expected that the phone might be that of 5mm thickness.

iphone 7- Display

As far as the display is concerned, iPhone has been given much a stiff competition by the trending curved displays. The Samsung Galaxy S7 that released this year has a killer display. The company itself is so confident about the same. So quite naturally, when two phones like iPhone and the S7 are compared, display stands on the side of Galaxy S7. So to capture that area also this time Apple is configuring the new iPhone with such a curved display. Few days back, Apple was heard to be concerned regarding the low sale rate of iPhones due to other fantastically featured smartphones. Probably, this is the right time according to the company to find out the areas where they are lagging behind and fight it back. So bringing an all new display pattern might be a step ahead to win the market back.

This is not just the point where the probable features end. More have been revealed. According to sources, the iphone 7 might have a screen size of 5.5inch. So those who were on the list of customers of iPhone, they are going to be a little happy, because no more is the all time favorite iPhone is no more going to come with a small screen size, which puts much pressure on the eyes.

iphone 7 – Charging Port

Another interesting fact is that the new iPhone is going to have a wireless charging facility. The problem that all the iPhone users face when they travel is that the normal travelling portable chargers do not fit into the phone’s USB port. But this problem might come to an end because the all new iphone 7 is going to feature the wireless charging facility. So, you can put your phone on charge anytime, anywhere.

iphone 7 – Camera

The camera of an iPhone has always been well appreciated many. Infact, many people are iPhone fans mainly due to the camera features of the phone. The images captured through an iPhone are always awesome. So it is quite natural that if an iPhone with even better camera quality is released, then quite naturally, the users and the wanna-be users will be very happy. It is expected that the iphone 7 might feature a rear camera of 16MP with dual LED flash and an aperture of f/2.4. The front facing camera is going to come at 8MP with autofocus and aperture of f/2.2 coupled with a flash. So guys! If you are so much addicted to selfies, then make your pocket ready for a brand new iphone 7.

iphone 7 – Security

The security process of iPhone is always beyond any doubts. The security system of an iPhone is something that can never be beaten by any other company producing smartphones. Till now iPhones were equipped with fingerprint security system. But with iphone 7, it can even get better. The journey will be from touch to looks. The iphone 7 will take you to the next level of biometrics. This means that no more of your fingerprints will be needed to unlock your phone. What you will need is the retina scan. The iphone 7 will scan your retina to unlock.

Wrap Up

So those were the expected features of the upcoming and long awaited iphone 7. It is expected that as soon as the phone hits the market, it will turn around many a head of the tech sector and make a huge profit. Already the iphone 7 has created good demand and curiosity through the rumors which are spread all over the internet. Now it is the time to see that exactly when the phone is going to hit the market.

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