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Who doesn’t want to get discounts? Especially when you are buying an expensive gadget like fitness trackers, headsets or speakers; concession on the price is like a dream come true moments for the shopaholics. It sounds surreal, right? But the eminent fitness tracking device makers, Jawbone is exactly offering the same to their customers. Jawbone is providing some unique coupons codes by which the customers will get a substantial amount of discount on the marked price for each of their devices. Jawbone promo code has already created unprecedented amount of buzz among the interested and potential buyers and in this article we have accumulated all the Jawbone promo codes for each of their gadgets in a single page to help you to save your time and effort. So if you are planning to buy a Jawbone fitness tracker, a Bluetooth headset or a Jawbone speaker, don’t forget to use the promo codes we have mentioned below for your respective device.

Jawbone promo code and coupon 2016:

Jawbone is an America based consumer technology and wearable products company which is famous for their wearable technology such as the Jawbone UP2, UP3 and UP4 activity trackers and portable audio devices like the Jambox and Big Jambox wireless speakers, the Jawbone Era and Icon Bluetooth headsets. Alexander Asseily and Hosain Rahman, two Stanford University alumni founded Aliph, which later become Jawbone, a company which builds building hardware products and software platforms powered by data science; in 1999. The pair first started with the mobile phone headset which is aimed to dramatically suppress the background noise for the listener. And since the inception Jawbone has produced some great headsets over the years. In 2009 they launched the Jawbone Prime and the next year the Jawbone Icon. That year this California-based company also unveiled their first non-headset product, termed as the Jawbone Jambox.

Jawbone Promo Code

In 2011, Jawbone started their new venture and developed company’s first lifestyle tracking system Jawbone UP. In the same year the company released its fifth Bluetooth headset, Jawbone ERA. A year later, Jawbone launched another version of their speaker series, Jawbone Big Jambox. Currently this wearable and music accessory company has UP & UP 24 as the fitness tracking devices, Jambox, Big Jambox and Mini Jambox in their speaker line and Jawbone Icon & Jawbone Era as their Bluetooth headsets. So friends check out below the Jawbone products and the Jawbone promo code tagged with those products.

Jawbone UP Promo Code

Jawbone Promo Code

Unlike the other activity trackers, Jawbone UP not only count your steps and track your sleep, but the device gets you over the hump and helps you to move on your path to a better you. This fitness tracker is a flexible, thin wristband with bright LED which comes in three sizes and various colors. This oldest lifestyle tracking device of the company lets the users to track their sleep, eating habits, and daily activity including steps taken and calories burned. Not only that, Jawbone UP also comes with a vibration motor that can be programmed as an alarm to wake users in the best phase of their natural sleep cycle, or act as a reminder when users have been sedentary too long. This activity tracker is water-resistant and designed to be worn 24/7, with a rechargeable battery that lasts for up to 10 days at a time. Check out the Jawbone UP features in a nutshell; below:

  • Jawbone UP records your sleep habit including hours slept, deep vs. light sleep, how long it took you to fall asleep and how many times you woke up.
  • Keep a track of your daily physical activities such as total steps taken, distance covered, calories burned and time spent active or idle.
  • The wearable keep log of your food & drink habits as well as keep the track of your calories intake.
  • Helps to set and achieve your daily goals.
  • Come with Smart Sleep Alarms feature which helps the users to wake up refreshed.
  • Jawbone UP features Idle Alerts to remind the users to move.
  • Adjustable strap, multiple colors and water resistant.
  • Jawbone UP supports multiple languages.
  • The latest model of the Jawbone UP comes with the Smart Coach feature which gives you the motivation and personalized insights you need to reach your goals.

Jawbone UP 2 Promo Code

Jawbone Coupon Code

Jawbone UP 2 is another fitness tracking device of the company which comes in a slim and fashionable design and allows its users to track their daily physical activities and sleep. Like the UP, UP 2 is also water resistant and provides a 10-days battery life on a full charge. Find out below the features Jawbone UP 2 offers to its customers:

  • Jawbone UP 2 keeps a track of your regular activities and your sleep automatically
  • Not only that, this lifestyle tracker keeps a record of your food, drink, calories and nutrients and by the help of the UP App Food Score you can quickly know whether you are eating right or wrong.
  • The Smart Coach feature of the Jawbone UP 2 guides the users intelligently to make the right and healthier choices each and every day.
  • Like Jawbone UP, the UP 2 also features the Smart Alarm. The Smart Alarm uses a simple vibration at the wrist to wake the users up at the optimal time.
  • Jawbone UP 2 also features the Idle Alerts to remind the users to move.
  • You can add your friends and family members to compete with them or to achieve the goals together.
  • Jawbone UP 2 comes with three single, bright color LEDs: Blue for sleep, orange for activity, and white for notifications

Jawbone UP 3 Promo Code

Jawbone Coupon Code

Like the aforementioned two activity tracking devices, Jawbone UP 3 also comes with almost the same features. Where UP 3 is different from the above two is; it offers Heart tracking features to its users. Jawbone UP 3 is designed to give the users a complete picture of their heart health. Resting Heart Rate feature provides the users their baseline when they wake up in the morning where as the Passive Heart Rate feature measures the heart health throughout the day and helps the consumers to understand how the habits of their daily life affects their heart.  Let check out the features of Jawbone UP 3 below:

  • Jawbone UP 3 monitors heart health of the users throughout the day.
  • Users can get personalized tips and guidance by the virtue of the Smart Coach feature.
  • UP 3 tracks user’s sleep and quality of the sleep, like light sleep, deep sleep or REM, automatically. Moreover the wearable gives tips to help the users to get a better night’s rest, one night at a time.
  • The Smart Alarm feature of the Jawbone UP 3 silently wakes the users up at the optimal time of their sleeping cycle.
  • The fitness tracker wirelessly connects with your smartphone and provides a 7-days battery life on full charge.

 Jawbone UP 24 Promo Code

Jawbone Promo Code

Another fitness and lifestyle tracker of this reputed company is the Jawbone UP 24. This wearable was launched in November 2013 and is designed to provide more real-time data and information to help to motivate the users to achieve their goals through “Today I Will” targets. UP 24 tracks user’s sleeping time & quality, movements, even the water consumption.  Jawbone UP 24 comes with the updated UP 3.0 companion app which suggests goals based on the user’s habits. The app even sends live notifications so that users will get push notifications when they get close to their goals. Dig out below the Jawbone UP 24 features:

  • Jawbone UP 24 keeps logs of steps, exercise, overall calories burned, and hours slept along with the quality of sleep
  • The fitness tracker provides the much needed motivation to the users which they need on their wrist to move more, sleep better, and improve their fitness.
  • UP 24 also keeps a track of your food, drink, calories, nutrients and the company’s Food Score App also quickly let you know whether you are eating right or not.
  • The Smart Coach feature available in the UP 24 guides the users intelligently to make the right and healthier personalized choices each and every day.
  • The Smart Alarm feature of the device silently wakes the users up at the optimal time of their sleeping cycle.
  • The Idle Alert of Jawbone UP 24 alerts the users to get them moving.
  • This fitness tracker lets the users to add their friends and family members to compete with them or to achieve the goals together.

Jawbone Jambox Promo Code

Jawbone Promo Code

Launched in 2010, Jawbone Jambox is the first speaker product of the company and is a pocket-size dynamo in terms of the sound quality. It is currently one of the best portable Bluetooth speakers available in the market and provides the best & the biggest sound in the smallest package. As the speaker runs on Bluetooth you don’t have to plug the wired line to play the speaker. You can play the songs on your smartphones, laptops or tablets and connect the Jambox with those devices via the Bluetooth. So take a look at the detailed features of the Jawbone Jambox below:

  • The Jawbone Jambox speaker uses the Bluetooth 2.0 technology for connectivity and the Digital Signal Processing technology for noise reduction.
  • The Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity makes it easier to connect the speaker with your smartphones or the other Bluetooth enabled devices as they both use the same spectrum.
  • Jambox pumps out a terribly impressive amount of clear, room-filling sound for its size.
  • Jawbone Jambox wireless speaker is powered by built-in rechargeable lithium – ion battery. The battery is capable of providing up to eight hours of continuous play at 75 percent volume.
  • You can create your own music world in 33 feet range with the help of the “Blue Live” feature available in the device.
  • This first product of the Jawbone apart from a headset is equipped with the several updated features. Device’s integrated intelligence can update the apps and the software in a regular basis from the company’s My Talk portal.

Jawbone Icon Promo Code

Jawbone Coupon Code

Jawbone Icon is the company’s fourth Bluetooth Headset and features 4.5 hours of talk time and 10 days of standby time. The headset is the first of its kind which comes with updateable software and can be updated via the company’s online platform. Check out below the features the Jawbone Icon offers to its customers:

  • Jawbone Icon, a highly stylish headset of the company is intelligent and comes with a Bluetooth headset for communication and stereo music streaming (with embedded A2DP profile)
  • This Bluetooth headset is equipped with military-grade NoiseAssassin 2.5 with wind reduction technology and by far it is the best noise cancellation technology used in a headset in such a price range.
  • Simultaneous Multipoint, one of the most highlighting features of the Jawbone Icon headset, provides its users the much craved flexibility to manage audio and calls from two different phones.
  • The Jawbone Icon provides up to 4.5 hours of talk time and up to 240 hours (10 days) of standby time.

Jawbone Era Promo Code

Jawbone Coupon Code

Jawbone Era is the company’s fifth Bluetooth headset and the first one to come with a built-in accelerometer and motion sensing software. Unveiled in 2011, this Bluetooth headset works via motion commands called “ShakeShake” and “TapTap”. If a user shakes or taps the headset twice they will be able to answer, end, or switch calls. If a user shakes the headset for four times, phenomena called as the “Double Shake Shake”, the Bluetooth headset will go to the pairing mode. Jawbone Era is compatible with the company’s online platform, and includes multi-processor technology, serial flash, caller ID by name and a larger dynamic wide band speaker for higher quality audio. The Bluetooth headset includes the NoiseAssassin 4.0 technology, the most recent version of company’s proprietary noise cancelling technology. Take a look at the features of the Jawbone Era below:

  • Jawbone Era comes with the company’s latest NoiseAssasin 4.0 noise and wind canceling technology for clear and better communication.
  • The Bluetooth headset features 25 percent larger wideband speaker which brings Hi-Definition audio when you talk on the phone or listen to music.
  • Jawbone Era includes customizable features with company’s My TALK platform; that means users can download apps, set different languages and more.
  • The Bluetooth headset provides up to 5.5 hours of talk time and up to 240 hours (10 days) of standby time.
  • The battery meter of the device also displayed on the iPhone and for BlackBerry and other smartphones it is available on the Jawbone’s My TALK platform.
  • Unlike the most of the Bluetooth headsets, the Jawbone Era comes with a Micro-USB port for charging the headset.
  • Comes in a very stylish yet comfy design.

Wrap Up

So folks, we hope that our article on Jawbone Promo Code has helped you a lot to choose which Jawbone product you will buy next and in what price the device will be available to you. We have provided the online portal’s link and the Jawbone Coupon Code for you exclusively so that you get a large amount of discount on the each mentioned product. So set your mind, go through the features and welcome the new Jawbone product you wish to buy for a long time in a very less price.

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