Apple’s OS X 10.12 Release Date, Features & New Updates

With Microsoft’s aggression in PC operating system almost half of the Mac users started using new Windows 10 while keeping the system apart from the OS X using parallel desktop application! To gain the loyalty and to restrict Windows, Apple decided to come up with a new version of its PC OS- OS X 10.12. It was showcased during WWDC in last year. The Beta version of this OS has released few months ago. Now it’s time to taste something thrilling from the incubation center of Apple.

As of now there is no confirmation of the name of this OS though Apple has trademarked a lot of names for it. “Fuji” is the one of them. When it comes to the OS X title itself, Apple relatively validated previous rumors that it would switch back to the Mac OS tag by using that term in its most recent report, which has since been dealt with to review OS X rather.

OS X 10.12

Siri in OS X 10.12!

The new function said to be slated for OS X 10.12 is the addition of the Siri. Siri was introduced on iOS back in 2011, as well as remarkably Apple has yet to bring it to Macs.

What could be prompting Apple to move forward with Siri combination is Microsoft’s addition of its Cortana in Windows 1.

That said, Cortana could be located not just on PCs, however on Android, Windows 10 Mobile, and also Apple’s own iOS platform. Microsoft is pushing Cortana throughout all devices. You could even make use of Cortana on the PC to discover your Apple phone if you misplace it.

OS X 10.12- More secure & more convenient

Because of this, Apple might be working on better – or at the very least a lot more secure – iCloud features to ensure that Mac individuals can upload and also keep these huge data conveniently without penalty, as well as gain access to them from any device. Currently, iCloud plays host to the cam roll, papers, mail, application information, videos, setups as well as other device-specific details, and allows users to discuss stored media with family and friends.

Apple’s iCloud solution presently has 5GB of free online storage space, with 25GB, 200GB as well as 1TB alternatives boosting in rate. But Apple could want to present larger capacities at reduced rates, to make sure that keeping information like HD movies and TV shows in the cloud isn’t rather so excruciating.

New File Backup System

With that in mind, to support a brand-new backup system, Apple might be working on a new data system for OS X at the same time. The existing HFS+ documents system, developed by Apple, is rather old and also shabby, introduced back in January 1998 with the launch of Mac OS 8.1.

For programmers, a brand-new file system is coming, yet better assistance for Apple’s Swift programming language, launched back in 2014, would be terrific, too. Developed for iOS, OS X, tv OS, and watch OS, this open-source channel supposedly makes app creation “interactive as well as enjoyable” by producing code much faster, putting together apps much faster and also providing a new assistant to help developers in the app-creation procedure. Improved phrase structure even enables ‘expressive’ code and also provides improved consistency.

Apple would be wise making it so OS X 10.12 gives an update to Swift that will certainly allow developers to convert their older pre-Swift applications to the brand-new Swift platform. An indigenous feature related to conserving data ought to also be included in OS X 10.12, although information concerning this particular detail is currently limited. Swift, by the way, is supported on Linux, also.

Release Date

This new thrill of Apple may come in mid July of this year (2016). So keep your fingers crossed with the wishes you have made for it and wait a little bit to get over it.

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