10 Best GBA Games of All Times

Best GBA Games: Looking for old school games to play in your GameBoy Advance? Here the latest list of best GBA games. The Game Boy Advance library is pretty full so it’s difficult to play them all. Which is exactly why we have come up with an all comprehensive list of the top GBA Games. Hope this game come in handy.

best gba games
Best GBA Games

We have tried our level best to prepare this exclusive list of some of the best GBA games which are currently available in the market. We hope that our beloved readers will love this list and continue sharing it with their friends as much as posssible.

List of 10 Best GBA Games (Exclusive and Updated)

1. Advance Wars

Advance Wars

Developed by Intelligent Systems, Advanced Wars is turn-based tactic GBA game. Published by Nintendon, the game was released in North America in the year 2001 and subsequently it was released in Japan and Europe. The story of the game revolves around the Orange Star Army where they go into battle with other countries. Following which the Orange Star commanding officer is accused of attacking other countries without substantial reason.

Advance Wars is a seriously addictive strategy game. It’s got a multi-player option for up to four players who’ll be send to a variety of riveting scenarios. The game takes you through a series of extremely hard and challenging missions, leading you to a powerful enemy army.

2. Final Fantasy VI

Castlevania Aria of Sorrow

Developed by Square, Final Fantasy VI is a role-playing video game. First released in 1994, Final Fantasy VI is sixth in the line of Final Fantasy series games. The games was released in Nintendo’s GBA in the year 2006. It’s worth mentioning that the Final Fantasy VI is the is the very first game in the series that was not directed by Hironobu Sakaguchi (who is also the producer and creator of the series).

Set in a fantasy world where the technology used is quiet similar to that of the Second Industrial Revolution. The story revolves around a group of rebels who want to end the imperial dictatorship that rules over them. As the story advances, players interact with a variety of characters. The game features as many as fourteen characters who can be played (which is just about the most of any game in the main Final Fantasy series). Each players have their own unique fighting style which makes playing all the more interesting. It is surely one of the best GBA games of all time history.

3. Wario Land 4

Wario Land 4

Initially released as Wario Land Advance, the platformer video game is developed by Nintendo. The game features 2D graphics with linear transformations. Upon release in the year 2001, the game meet with critical acclaim and was deem ‘outstanding’ by IGN, saying that the game had “well thought out level design and replayability”.

The story of Wario Land 4 revolves around the character of Wario who has the task of gathering four treasures to unlock a pyramid and go on to save Princess Shokora from The Golden Diva.

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4. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to The Past

The Legend of Zelda A Link to The Past

This game is a part of The Legend of Zelda series that is both developed and published by Nintendo. First released in 1991 in Japan, this action-adventure video game is the sixth instalment in the series. The game opened to great critical and commercial acclaim and went on to become a landmark. Today, over 4 million units of the game has been sold, making The Legend of Zelda: A Link to The Past as one of the greatest video games of all time.

The story focuses on Link and his adventurous journey to save Hyrule by defeating Ganon and rescuing maidens related to the Sages. Like the original The Legend of Zelda, Link to the Past too uses a 3/4 top-down perspective.

5. Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow

Castlevania Aria of Sorrow

Developed by Konami, Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow is a side-scrolling platforming video game. Released in 2003, the game is the third and final instalment in the Castlevania series. Upon release, although gaining critical acclaim the game didn’t sell well in the home country Japan. But it experienced huge commercial success in  United States where they sold over 158,000 units in just the first three months.

The world of Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow is set in the year 2035 where a teenager named Soma Cruz has got occult power as a result of being a potential vessel of Dracula’s reincarnation. Cruz seeks to gain the lord’s dark powers. This particular game incorporates several new features making the game more interesting to play when compared to it’s predecessors, and that’s why it has earned its place in this best gba games list.

6. Golden Sun

Castlevania Aria of Sorrow

Developed by Nintendo, Golden Sun is a role-playing video game that was released in 2001. It was followed by a sequel, Golden Sun: The Lost Age, in 2002. When released, the game was highly praised by critics and users alike. They went on to release over one million units in Japan and the US.

The story focuses on a band of magic-attuned ‘Adepts’ whose only purpose is to protect the world of Weyard from Alchemy. Alchemy is like dark magic that has been sealed off of the world ages ago. During their journey, Adepts assist people in need, gain new abilities and learn why Alchemy was sealed away in the first place. The sequel picks up the story from where Goldn Sun ends.

7. Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire

Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire

Pokémon Ruby Version and Sapphire Version are the third instalments of the Pokémon series. Developed by Game Freak, these two are role-playing video games that was first launched in late 2002. Both versions were meet with great commercial success where around 16 million copies were sold.

Compared to the previous versions, the gameplay remains mostly unchanged. The main story involves the main character trying to defeat a criminal organization that is attempting to take over the world. Some of the new features includes the game being connected to an e-Reader or other advanced generation Pokémon games.

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8. Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga

Castlevania Aria of Sorrow

A role-playing video game developed by AlphaDream, the game is the first one in the Mario & Luigi RPG series. Following this, the game was followed by four other sequels. The Superstar Saga is very well received by critics and in IGN, it featured as the twelfth best GBA game of all time.

The game primarily involves Mario and Luigi fighting the primary antagonist of the game. Starting off of a place called the Mushroom Kingdom, the game advances to another place called the Beanbean Kingdom. It’s worth highlighting that the game has got a whimsical tone and several comical references.

9. Metroid: Zero Mission

Metroid Zero Mission

The action-adventure video game was developed by Nintendo R&D1 and published by Nintendo in the year 2004. This one is a remake of the original Metroid game and is primarily designed to retell that entry’s story with Super Metroid-like gameplay. The game is pretty long and pretty amazing to play, and surely it should be included one of the few best gba games of modern era.

The main character is named Samus Aran who travels to Zebes after he gets to learn that Space Pirates were experimenting on Metroids so that they can create one on their own and use them. Rest of the game involves Samus’ adventurous journey.

10. The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap

The Legend of Zelda The Minish Cap

This particular action-adventure game was developed by Capcom and released in 2004. The Minish Cap expands on the story of Four Swords and Four Swords Adventures and involves the legend of the Four Sword. The game retains some common elements from previous Zelda instalments and was selected as the 2005 Game Boy Advance Game of the Year by GameSpot.

In the game the protagonist Link has been reduced to a bug-sized race that lived in Hyrule. The game besides retaining the earlier features also features a couple of new features.

Wrap Up

Most of the games we have mentioned above are among the largest and best selling GBA games. And although you might not agree with the placement of each game but we are pretty confident that the titles included are among the best since we have individually played each one of them. So what’s your favorite? Let us know and we will add it in this list of the best GBA Games for sure.

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