Google I/O 2016: 10 Important Announcements Made in the Event

So this year, at the Google I/O a lot of exciting new informations were announced, many rumours were put to end and a new vision for a the future was teased. Google did a number of things like they announced improvements on the much-awaited Android N and said that they’ll be rolling out the beta version this year. Their mobile VR platform will come with an all new OS. Now check out the 10 greatest announcements made in the Google I/O:


The New Google VR platform:

The all new Google mobile virtual reality platform is called Daydream. The search giant informed that since the platform will be built on top of Android N, Daydream won’t be competing with the VR like Oculus Rift or HTC Vive. To be clear the Daydream is not a VR for Android but more like an ecosystem that allows users to play in.

Google Kind-of Made a VR Headset

Fans have been talking about Google’s rumoured affordable and accessible VR headset forever. To cut a long story, Google has unveiled a reference design for a smartphone-powered VR headset. It appears to be pretty small and looks like the smaller version of cordless Oculus Rift. Looks like the company is approaching the VR headset initiative just like they approached  Android. They are providing companies with backbone in terms of software without pointing them in a specific direction for the hardware.

Allo – Google’s New Messaging App

Users can sign-up to use the app with their phone numbers. Users will have the option to connect to their Google Account if they want. The app includes the usual features like emojis and special features like drawing photos and custom stickers amongst other things. One the highlights of the app is the Google Assistance that generates automatic replies when the user is busy. Allo has also got an incognito mode for private messaging.

Duo – Another Messaging App

Duo is Google’s FaceTime competitor. The video chatting app is completely dedicated to provide users with video-chatting experience only. One of the highlight of this app is the features called ‘knock knock’ that allows people with whom you’ve been chatting to see a video preview of your face before they accept your call.

The Smart Speaker Called Google Home:

Google Home is a small speaker that features an always-listening microphones. The device looks like a small cylinder with rounded top and speaker on the base. It designed in a way so that it can be used with multiple devices in multiple rooms of the house. It’ll have an obvious comparison with Amazon’s Echo but by the looks of it, Google Home has more convenient features to offer.

Next Generation Google Assistant

Looks like Google Assistant is getting smarter and much more chattier. To speak to the AI, you don’t have to modify your speech for the machine to understand. You can speak more or less in the way you’d speak to a human. In what Google calls the ‘suggestion chips’, the Assistant will offer possibly replies to what you’re friends say to you in chat.

Android N is going to be faster, smarter and better

The beta version of the OS is going to be out this summer. The new features are going to provide better control, accelerate performance and promises to give users a whole new Android experience. N could also be a better platform for gaming thanks to a battery of optimizations and a new API called Vulkan.

Android Wear 2.0

The Android Wear was released back in 2014. It’s been over a year and its about time for the Android Wear 2.0 to come out. Apparently the next instalment of the Wear is going to even more awesome. Google says that watches equipped with the new version will need to rely less on smartphones and cellular connections. This ‘ll make the watch independent of their companion smartphone. And users will nit have to carry their mobile device everywhere they go wearing the watch.

Android Auto

The new Android Auto will have a couple of great new features like it’ll be able to connect to other cars over Wi-Fi. Android N will come with some features that’ll allow Google automakers to create their own unique flavours of N. As of now very little has been released about Android Auto.

Using Android App Without Downloading It

Sounds insane right? But Google has been working to make this possible in an attempt to improve the browsing experience in mobile. You’ll be able to load parts of apps even if you haven’t installed them via Android Instant Apps. Google informed they’ll be rolling this out to users later this year.

Wrap Up:

These are the hottest developments Google has been working  on lately. This year, for the search giant, the future looks very prospective. Google has showed it isn’t afraid of making big bets.

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