The upcoming 0.15.0 update of Minecraft Pocket Edition will make your jaw drop

Within a few days of releasing the last update of the Minecraft Pocket Edition, another new update is already in the pipeline and is going to release very soon. Well if we speak technically, the update is already here, though it is still in the Beta phase but the arrival was confirmed on Twitter. Minecraft has already been released the 0.14.0 and the 0.15.0 Realms update is on the Alpha Build. The upcoming build is currently on Build 4 stage and the Beta Builds is expected to coming sometime this May.

Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.15.0 Version Update

The actual and exact date when the users are going to enjoy this latest update is still not confirmed by Mojang and all the versions available officially on various App Stores like Google Play Store, iOS App Store, Amazon Appstore, and Windows Phone Store are 0.14.2 version. But kudos to the regular updates by the game’s developers on Twitter, we got a fairly good insight about what we can expect from this latest update and what are the features the version 0.15.0 will offer to us. So let’s check out the known features of the 0.15.0 version of the Minecraft Pocket Edition game:

  • The all new 0.15.0 version will come with a new Texture Packs. The old Texture Packs will still be available there, but few additional treats will also be included with the upcoming version.
  • In the 0.15.0 version of the Minecraft Pocket Edition the users will get the privilege to add new music, adjust in-game animation and can upgrade models. With the help these awesome features, gamers can now finally customize according to their need.
  • The newest update will also feature an anti-aliasing option to smoothing of the image or sound roughness. Though this feature will only be available for the for Windows 10 and VR users.
  • The players will no more be able to turn the Animated Water off after this update. This is good news for the users especially for those who face trouble while trying to turn on this feature.
  • The upcoming 0.15.0 version will feature a Block Update Detector termed as an Observer Block. The Observer Block will be used to activate Pistons whenever a block close is changed. For example, a Piston will come into play when a block located nearby is set on fire. Notably the Minecraft Pocket Edition players will get the chance to experience this particular feature even before the PC players.
  • The newest version will also offer the users the Pistons and Sticky Pistons feature. Pistons and Sticky Pistons are Redstone-related blocks which can push other blocks when they are given a power source. The only difference between these two types of Pistons is the latter ones can pull the object they are attached to.
  • In this upcoming version, the Raw Mutton and the Cooked Mutton will be used as the food items for the first time.
  • There are slight chances that the 0.15.0 version might feature biome-based villages for structures.
  • Also there are possibilities that the newest version of the Minecraft Pocket Edition might come with the mending enchantment.

Both players and fans of the Minecraft Pocket Edition have been demanding about multi-player options but that seems a distant dream at this moment. Also, there have been speculations about version-exclusive non-playable characters who have dialogue, but that is also looking a rumor only. Nevertheless, the new and interesting features we discussed above have already given goose bumps to the game lovers and we are sure you will also love this new update.

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