Android Widgets: Top 10 Best Widgets for Android

Best Android Widgets: Today we are always short of time, yet we have lots of work to do. The most important things that we do are either on phones or on laptops, be it professional or personal. However, accessing laptop is easy when we are travelling in car, but as far as travelling in public transports are considered, we can’t really access the laptop. So, to our rescue comes the Smartphones. When it comes to smartphones, a talk of the apps gets into the consideration. What are the best apps or the best Android Widgets and what are less important ones, which one is for personal use and which one for professional, etc questions arise.

Now, getting to the point, when we use apps, especially on the go, we look up for the way of saving time. So, we naturally create shortcuts or Android widgets in order to have a quick access to the apps. Now, when it comes to arranging the widgets, we may get confused at times regarding the fact that what could be the best widgets for our phones. Now that most of us use Android phones and most of the companies use this operating software, we naturally think that what the best widgets are for Android. So, here you get a little bit of guidance to some of the best Android Widgets from Smartphones of modern age.

10 Best Android Widgets for Smartphone: Exclusive List

Best Sticky Note Widget


Today we all have got used to something that will help us remember the important things of our day to day life. It includes everything starting right from having breakfast to having medicines before going to bed at night. And who can do the work of reminding us the most? That’s our favorite smartphone, our soulmates. So, either we set reminder or we put a sticky note on it. However, to put up a sticky note is way better than setting reminder because reminder alarms will ring for a certain time, but the sticky note will remind us everytime we open  our phones. So a sticky note Android widget is a must have.

Accu Weather Widget

Android Widgets
Best Android Widgets

A common thing that harasses all of us then and now is the weather. The weather is unpredictable everywhere and on every place of earth irrespective of the country that we live in. so, what we need the most today is the proper knowledge how the weather is going to be like after few moments. So, to keep in touch with the weather updates a weather widget is a must.

WhatsApp Chat


One of the most used app in our daily lives is WhatsApp. Out of so many people on WhatsApp friend list, we always talk to few people who are close to us. So the best way to ignore the rest is keep the widget of a WhatsApp chat. Only the chat that we would have to open regularly and frequently can be kept in the shortcut. WhatsApp Chat Icon is often considered as one of the most widely used Android Widgets of our era.

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Slider Widget


The most common thing that we do today is listening to music while we are on the go. Sometimes the volume control becomes difficult when one needs to go to the music player and open it over and iver again. So, if we keep a widget of the same on our home screen we can easily access the volume control. So, for a music lover, the slider widget for Android a must have.

Dashclock Widget


The dashclock Android widget is nothing but the best way to keep shortcuts of all the important things that we access the most on our smartphone. You can add anything to the dashboard ready to appear on the screen whenever needed. It could be anything from clock to weather and notifications of all the apps which you need.

Minimal Theme for Amber Weather


Amber weather is one of the most used weather Android Widgets all over the world. So, when you use some best app, the app provides you all possible ways to keep your interest on for the usage of the same. When you continuously use a thing you get used to it and then finally end up getting monotonous. So to keep on changing, you can keep shortcuts of the theme on your phone.

Du Battery Widget


One of the most common apps that we all use is a battery saver app. The mostly used one is undoubtedly Du Battery. We never want the most essential gadget to hang and stop working just at the time when we need it the most. So, we do our best to keep the phone in check so that it does not cause any problem. The best possible way available to us is to keep the running back up apps closed to keep the battery run out under check. We need this app the most and used it much frequently. So, it becomes better and easier if we keep a widget of this app on the screen so that accessing the app does not consume much time. It is surely one of the best Android Widgets of 2016.

Facebook Widget

fb widget

Even if a kid s asked about the most used app now a days, he will confidently say that it is nothing but Facebook. Well! The answer will not be wrong and we all know it. So, the best way to have a quick access to our favorite app is to keep a widget of the same on the screen.

Gmail Widget


The mostly used app in the corporate world is the Gmail app. For all the official uses and also the personal uses, the app that we use most frequently is the Gmail app. We rarely get time for leisure. We keep on mailing and checking some or the other mail on the go. Anytime and anywhere we may feel the need to access this app. So the best way to make the process quicker is to keep a widget.

Google Drive Widget


The place that we use for storing all our quick data and information today is undoubtedly the Google Drive. The Google drive is probably mostly used by all of us for storing all the important the data. We keep on changing our devices for the affinity towards newer and developing gadgets. However, we love to store the data because not only the data is important but also the data may be too much personal and we may not want to lose it for the sake of sweet memories attached to it. So we store much of the data on the Google Drive. It is easier to access than carrying a pen drive everywhere. So the best way to access the Google Drive is to keep a widget on the Android screen. It is listed as the best Android widgets for all the good reasons only.

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Wrap Up

Those were the widgets that we all keep and are must haves for all of us. Be the use of our dear phones personal or professional, we always look for quick access to the app that we use the most. So Android widgets come at our rescue. Now what would make the best choice of the widget sometimes becomes confusing. So, to your rescue comes this article that will help you make the best and the perfect choice as far as the  best Android widgets for your Smartphone is considered.

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