Free Movies Online: 9+1 Sites to Watch Movies Online Free

Free Movies Online: Something that we all love doing irrespective of age is watching films. and if you get the chance to watch free movies online then that is even better. In fact this is probably the best and the most favorite time passing activity of all. However, today the lifestyle is very much busy. So, we really find it hard to get some time separately for going out to the movie theatres to watch movies. So, the best way out there for the movie lovers today is to watch movies online free. Now the point is that many people watch movies by downloading it. But, when your device lacks storage space, downloading is nothing but a next to impossible option or rather and useless thought.

Free Movies Online
Watch Free Movies Online

But, when you love watching free movies online and the data that is stored in your device is very important and you can’t delete those, then the situation becomes hard. But, fortunately we have many websites to let us watch movies online free. As far as watching movies online is concerned, it is a very good choice that you can make when your storage is full and there is no more space to download new movies. Now, you must be wondering that apart from some of the known sites, where else can you go and watch movies online. Don’t be worried. Here we present the our exclusive list of some of the best websites to watch free movies online.

9+1 Best Sites To Watch Free Movies Online



Even if a five years old child is asked about a movie watching site, the first one that he will name is undoubtedly Youtube. The most visited and of course the biggest video watching site that we all depend on is Youtube. The easiest to use and with the biggest stock of videos, the one that comes to our rescue when we need any kind of video including films is nothing but Youtube. It is considered to be the best and fastest resource to watch free movies online.



This is the latest and a new branch of the Star India Group. This brings you films of all times and for free. What you can do is watch movies online free anytime anywhere. Old, new, latest and all other categories of films are available on both Hotstar app and website.



This is another new app and website that provides you with all kinds of videos including movies. You can watch movies of any kind and time on both the app and the website of Voot. Voot brings you not only movies but also many television series’ episodes. So, for watch free movies online you can hop on to Voot.

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This is one of the best sites to watch movies online free. The best part about this website is that it keeps a huge database with movies of all times. The trailers of the upcoming movies are also available on the website.



You can watch latest movies from the huge collection of free movies online here. The latest movies with both the HD and non HD versions are available on MovietubeOnline. This will serve you to the perfect taste of movies that you have. Movies of any language, with or without sub-titles are available on this site.


This is yet another movie watching site that is exciting due to the fact that it has a huge stock of movies from all over the world. You will love the thrill of watching full movies online without the worries of exorbitant cost! With awesome selections of blockbuster movies, have fun watching the free movie downloads here.



This is another website that comes in the form of app also.  You can stream movies online free and have a lot of fun because this incurs no charge ad movies are all free here. Starting right from the age old films to the latest Finding Dory, you will get everything on this site.



Hulu is owned by FOX, NBC and ABC. It offer free video streaming for US TV Shows, and movies. There is also an option to purchase the membership of Hulu community, so that you can get notifies by release dates of upcoming TV shows and episodes.

Wynk Movies


The name is enough to let you know that what this actually is. You can watch unlimited free movies online via this site. Apart from films, you can also watch episodes of different series for free over here.



The name is enough to explain that you can spend a lot of time on watching movies with your favorite flavor of popcorns. Here you will get hell lot of movies and videos. On this site you can either download or watch movies online for free. So, this lets you enjoy both the options equally.

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Wrap Up

So, that was the list of the best sites to watch free movies online. These will come to your rescue whenever you feel the urge of free movies online. When you are running short of storage space to store a whole film, yet you want to watch movies online free, you can hop on to any of the above mentioned websites. For more such suggestions, stay in touch with Techvicity.

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