Best Battery Saver Apps for Android

The importance of Smartphones today in our daily lives is beyond any question. Starting right from the early morning alarm to the good night texts from our near ones, every activity is dependent on the Smartphone. So it can be well said that our lives have become totally a Gadgetic one. However, the one on which we depend is dependent on an internet connection and various apps. Without the apps and the internet connection, a Smartphone is practically of no use, or it is better to say that without an internet connection and proper apps Smartphone almost becomes similar to the age old keypad phones which could be used only for calling and texting.

Now the problem that many of us face in our busy life is that our phones tend to lose the charge very soon due to its use to such high extent. Smartphones do consume a lot of charges and tend to lose it soon due to the fact that the operating system remains on always. Yes it’s true that many of us do carry a power bank today, yet sometimes we may forget to put it into the bag before stepping out of our place, or there are many who do not own one. But none have to be worried. Smartphones are all about apps, and there are many such apps which help you save the charge of your phone. Here we present the list of the best battery saver apps for Android OS out of which you may choose the perfect one for your phone.

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Best Battery Saver Apps for Android Smartphones 

We have gone through a widespread and intense research to pick up the best and top rated battery saver apps for Android users.

How Battery Saver Apps Works on Android

The batteries in our smartphone drain due to many reasons. One of the mains reason is the background apps and heat generated due to multitasking and screen time. These awesome apps kill background apps and make the whole system cooler.

DU Battery Saver

best battery saving apps in Android

This app comes for free on the Google Play store and helps you save the battery and make it run longer. The app has several interesting features out of which cool down feature is a one that helps you cool down the phone when the operations are all on, and you can enjoy using it for a quite a long time.

Google Play

Battery Doctor

Best battery saver apps of Android

This app is available in 28 languages. So it is naturally an advantage on the part of those who have less access to English. The app keeps your Android phone going longer, provides you with detailed battery information, and uses the unique 3 Stage Charging System to keep your battery healthy.

Google Play

Avast Battery Saver

Best Battery saver apps for Android

The biggest problem with Android phones is that these get heated up very soon and easily due to the running background apps. This app helps you cool down those apps which kill the running space and also heats up the battery. So it is helpful in both ways.

Google Play

Go Battery Saver

best battery saving tips for android

GO Battery Saver is capable of extending your battery life. Main features of this battery plus include power saving mode, smart saving, toggle control, power testing, etc. So if you are using this app, you will never have to worry again about the battery fall back.

Google Play

Battery Life Repair

How battery saver apps work

As the name suggests the main feature of this app is to rescue your falling back battery charge and make your phone run for a longer period. Batteries, as time passes by losing their ability to charge fully and the only solution is recharging them frequently. Repair Battery Life uses advanced technology to revive your battery duration and make it charge again to its full potential. So this app does not only help you run the battery power of your phone throughout the day but also enhances the battery durability.

Google Play

Wrap Up

So these are the best Battery Saver Apps for Android. We hope that these would be of much use to you when you and your Android mobile are facing the battery life crisis, and you are away from your charger or power bank. For such remedies, stay in touch with Technicity. We promise to help you out with the suggestion about the best laptops, best mobiles, best photo editing apps and much more.

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