14+1 Best Scary Maze Games (Updated List)

Best Scary Maze Games: Scary maze games are among the most popular games in the world right now. The reason behind such huge fan following is that they are incredibly thrilling to play. While playing the game, gamers will have both fun and scary experience. The games are specifically designed to provide players with incredible experience that’ll make them want to come back and play the game over and over. For the convenience of our readers, we have made a list of the top 10 best scary maze games you should try out right now. The games are available both in Google Play Store and online.

Scary Maze Games

#1 Scary Maze Games by Hanrian

Scary Maze Games is a popular scare prank and shock game typically presented to the viewer. The game isn’t some boring piece, it actually requires a lot of concentration and patience to play and be successful at. It involves a red dot that you have to guide throughout the white maze. You’ll have to be careful of not hitting the walls of the maze until you have reached the red square otherwise you have to start the whole Maze Game again. The developers claim that the game has been dubbed as The Exorcist Maze Game online. The game is available online as well as on Google Play Store for Android phones.

#2 Scary Maze Game by EK App Studio

This one too is somewhat similar to the previous game. Additionally, this game comes with really scary sound, so you might wanna plat this game for just that. The sound seems to appear suddenly out of now where. Other than this, the game features red dot in a yellow maze. The game is available for free on Google Play Store. One reviewer has given five stars and said: ” I love this game. I play it in school too. But, the creepy girl looks ugly, because of her teeth, eyes, face, and her scratches on her face… The scratches look like stitches.”

Scary Maze Games

#3 Scary Maze Game 2 by Purple Man Games

The free game is available in Google Play Store for your smartphones and tablets and ranks third in our best scary maze games list. The fun and horrifically scary game features an exciting gameplay and a user-friendly interface. The developers promise you that the game will keep you and your friends entertained for hours. Speaking on how to play the game, developers asks players to first off, turn your sound on, then guide the ball through the maze to the finish line without touching the walls, and complete all five levels to play a special bonus level.

#4 Scary Maze for Android by Kar Mobile Apps

The game is designed to scare you and your scare your friends. Opening the game, you will find a maze, soon after a scary monster will appear on the screen, and you will hear a terrible scream. Make sure the sound is turned on high! How to play the game? Simply touch & hold the screen, guide the blue point through the maze, make sure not to touch the walls or uplift the finger. Find it on Google Play Store.

Scary Maze Games

#5 Scary Maze Game Prank by AndroidParc

It’s one of the best scary maze games available in out there. At first, the game may look pretty simple but it’ll pretty difficult. What you have to do is to guide the red dot through the maze to the red goal but without hitting the walls around you. The official guidelines are as follows: The first level and the second one are not too hard to deal with, but the third level is another story. It requires skills and concentration, and you may need several attempts to succeed in the third level of scary maze game. Get it Google Play Store.

#6 Scary Maze Game (Scary Prank) by MicroWorld

It has a 4.1 review on Google play Store. It’s pretty much like the earlier games. It’s exciting and scary at the same time. It’s got really steady gameplay. After you’ve played, offer you friend to paly the game. You can prank your friend by letting him, or she plays the game, and when they are least expecting, a picture of a ghastly-looking woman and an audio clip of an extremely loud voice comes up. Make sure you sound quality is fine and loud enough.

Scary Maze Games

#7 Scary Maze Prank Game Original by EO Games

The free of cost game comes with 34 really unique really scary images and its available in Google Play Store for free. The huge amount scary images have helped rank the game on our list of best scary maze games. One you have played the game and gotten used to it, ask your friend, to give it a try. Sit bak and watch the fun. Developers claim that this is the free original classic scary maze game that went viral on youtube frightening the world. First, let your friends be involved in the game then watch as within the most unexpected moment the monster appears and starts to scream. You can select among different 34 scary images to freight and shock your friends!

#8 Maze Game Horror Prank by Knoxapps

Not to give too much away, this game too is also called The Exorcist Maze Game and Scary Maze Game. In here you’ll have to Guide the dot through the scary maze to the goal without hitting the walls. It starts to get interesting around the third level. It’s worth noting that although level 2 shouldn’t be too hard level 3 is another story. The developer claims that the play through this third maze level requires real skill to get past – you might not do it on your first attempt. Find it on Google Play Store.

Scary Maze Games

#9 Scary Ghost Maze 3D by Triapps Inc.

To play the game, you’ll have to touch & hold the screen and guide the blue point through the maze. Don’t touch the walls and don’t uplift the finger. This scary ghost maze 3D app will let you scare your friends too. You can get it online as well as from Goole Play Store and Cnet. The developers claim on Paly Store that millions of people have played this free version of one of the best scary maze games online. And it remains an internet screamer favourite.

#10 Scary Maze by Horribles

A review on Google Play Store has written: “LoL This made my sister heart attack” and gave it a four star. The games aren’t very different from the rest of the games in the list. The difference lies in the level of scary elements added to the game.

#11 Halloween Maze

It’s the latest version of Maze Game, and it guides the scary Halloween figures through various levels until you reach the bonus and level. For the scariest and fun-filled experience, crank up your computer to the highest volume. The game features spiders, scary pumpkins, ghosts and haunted-house. Play the Halloween Maze online.

#12 Scary Needle Game

This is one of the best scary maze games we’ve come across. Once you open the link we have provided by below, you’d see a screen where a photo frame will show saying – Shakey MacGee’s Needle Threading Challenge. It says it’s “a test of steady nerves”. When you hit ‘continue’, the game asks you to guide Shakey’s shaky hand into a needle. It’s harder than it sounds. Play Scary Needle Game online.

#13 Handless Millionaire

Developed by Megabyte, the Handless Millionaire is a funny but bloody reaction test game. The game itself isn’t very hard to play except for the part with the guillotine. I’ll give you a tip, time yourself well and grab the money before the guillotine cuts off your hand. You can play the game online right now.

#14 Cat Mario Unblocked

Released in February 2007, Cat Mario is a 2D Japanese platform freeware indie video game. This action game offers a different take on one of the world’s most popular video games. All you need to do is just lead the white cat through the Mushroom Kingdom. Instead of Goombas and Koopas, you’ll be up against an army of icky blobs. So best of luck on that. Play Cat Mario Unlocked online right now.

#15 Return Man 2

Regarded as one of the best scary maze games found online for free, it’s a great American football sports game. While playing the Return Man 2, try to catch the ball and run to the end-zone through the strong linebackers to win victory over the opposing team. Play Return man 2 online.

The 10 best scary maze games that we’ve listed above are free of cost and small of a size. They don’t eat up too much of your data. So you can easily try each one of them without having to worry that they might burn up all your data. Then tell us which one is your favourite.

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