India may get 5G with the rest of the world: are we standing on the precipice of a new beginning?

India may get 5G at the same time as the rest of the world, says Telecom Secretary J.S. Deepak. The event will mark the beginning of a new era of the Internet of Things in the country. This would certainly mean a marked change from the country’s usual tendency to be lagging behind in progress even after being hailed an economic superpower in the developing world.


With India entering the big leagues by steadily emerging as a superpower, all that is supposed to change. As Deepak points out, the simultaneous launch of 5G in India along with all the other, “developed” countries might hint at the gap between India and the developed world coming close to being bridged. “We got 2G 25 years after the rest of the world, at least after the developed world. We got 3G more than a decade after it became ubiquitous in US, Europe. 4G may be, five years after its global launch. In 5G, we have the chance of being there with the rest of the world,” said Deepak, according to Business Standard. In fact, the probable launch of 5G in India along with developed countries will mark a forward leap in acquiring a leadership position as it stands on the ledge of an era driven by connectivity.

Deepak said this following the inauguration of the first edition of ‘IoT (Internet of Things) India Congress’. The IoT is estimated to have “something like 50 billion connected devices in the next 5-6 years,” he said. It is also expected to unleash a significant business opportunity for the country by bringing together crucial stakeholders across key areas to collaborate. Officials added that IoT would mark an important era of advancement in key functional areas of the ordinary Indian, including a considerable improvement in the quality of lives of farmers and students.

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